FREE LINE 03 - Page 170

In Search of Monster Carp
(Left) DDAPS Sutton’s Lucky Leather.
(Below) DDAPS Sutton.
it, and put it back straight back without a photo. I explained to him, “I’ve
left myself something to go back for.”
I must admit that the day after I
thought, what a twat, why did I do
that after all that time spent trying to
catch that fish? But to me, the important bit was catching the fish, and the
rest didn’t really matter. The fact that
I put it on the bank was the icing on
the cake really, but as it happens I
went on to catch if four other times
after that. One occasion in particular,
I’ll always remember it, was the day
after Boxing Day. With the Christmas
celebrations over, I think I was over
the local DIY shop with my son, as he
wanted some wood to make something or other, and when we came out
of the DIY shop, we bumped into
Andy Spreadbury. We had a little chat
about this, that, and the other, and
that I intended to go fishing that
night, and off he went. My son said,
“Who’s that Dad?” I said, “Oh that
w a s A n d y S p r e a d b u r y. D o y o u
remember that fish called She that it
took me a long while to catch? Well,
he was the one who named it back in
1977.” Anyway I went there that
night, and I caught it again, so it was
when I was banned from the Colne
Valley Water, but he went over there,
and whereas before a good season on
there was fifteen carp, I think Alan
had something like 45 or 48 carp in a
season, which was pretty good. Now
the casein wasn’t available anymore, I
started using the same bait. I used it
everywhere I went, and it really was
instant, but also very effective in the
long-term. I started applying the GoCat bait on the School Pool, and in
one particular session I think I had
four fish in a morning, and the third
fish I caught was She at 36lb 8oz.
Then I did a daft thing, because I
really used to like the lake and the
people who fished it. I thought if I
photographed that fish, I would have
got nothing left to go back for. Unfortunately all my mates were on holiday
on a French fishing trip, so I had no
real close mates I could call on to
come down and have a look at the
fish. I weighed it, and there was a
young lad of about 13 years old in the
next swim to me, who just couldn’t
believe that I’d unhooked it, weighed


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