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In Search of Monster Carp
a really strange coincidence.
That was really my flirtation with
the pool over, as by now, the fishing in
Colne Valley had put a spurt on. Suddenly, a lake that once contained one
40lb’er, at the right time of year, in the
autumn, probably contained ten
40lb’ers. Believe me, at the time, that
was probably the best lake in the
country, so I decided then to concentrate my efforts back in the Colne Valley again. By this time the M25 was
built, so it was a little bit easier to get
there. One thing that was important
about bait application was applying
the bait properly, and on the Colne
Valley water it was noticeable that
lads that teamed up in little bait
teams, and kept the bait going in,
really did reap the benefits, especially
later in the year when the autumn
came. So we decided to team up on a
bait – Paul Forward, Alan Parsons,
Stevie Curtin and me. We formulated a
bait between us – basically Paul Forward designed the base mix, later to
become known as the Club Mix from
Solar Tackle, and we added our little
bits of favourites as far as the addi-
(Top) Bromley club water 20.
(Below) South Weald winter brace.
tives were concerned. My contribution was Ming Oil, which we sell in
the Tackle Box, and which is a mixture of fish oils and fish additive. I
think Paul was using squid and octopus, and Marmite and things like that.
This bait smelled of carp if you know
what I mean; you knew before you
cast it in the lake that it was going to
work. That particular season, we were
catching from the outset, and I think
on the first day of the season that
year, I had a real big stroke of luck. A
mate of mine, James, who I was actually best man for last week, was having his first season in the club. Anyway, we had to draw for swims at
7pm, and Stevie Curtin came out first.
I said to Steve, “Go in the End Swim.”
I’d had a walk round the lake previously, and there were a lot of fish right
down the end of the lake. Anyway,
Steve picked a swim called The Slot in
the Island, and I thought, twat! Then
it was James’ turn; he came out of the
hat, and he looked at me for a bit of
help, and I said to him, “Go in the End
Swim,” knowing full well you could
double up in the End Swim. So he
selected the End Swim and I went
and doubled up with him.
We got down there, and you’re not
allowed to night fish, until 4am, and
James said, “Which side do you want
to fish?” I said, knowing full well that
the right hand side is normally the
best side of the swim, “Well you chose
the swim James, so you choose
where you want to fish,” and he said,
“I’ll go in the right,” and I thought,
bastard. Anyway, as it happened I
found a real good spot, which was
quite a long cast, probably about
90yds. By now you could distinguish
the spots we spoke earlier about. It
wasn’t just a case of fishing on the
bars or up against the bars or what-


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