FREE LINE 03 - Page 182

All Things Riggy
(Above) Winning formula.
(Top right) The choddy hook on the
rig – note where the putty is, which
helps turn the hook.
(Below) My particle spods.
(Below right) A big carp has a
different perception to small fish.
feeding tight to the lakebed, so
instead of a hair I chose a 'D' rig. After
knotless knotting the Maxima to a
size 7 Big T hook (a size 7 being small
enough to hide under the bait, but big
and strong enough to land the fish), I
would thread on a medium sized rig
ring before passing the tag end back
through the eye and blobbing the end
with a lighter. The other end was tied
off onto a size 8 ring swivel with a
palomar knot; a palomar giving excellent knot strength and not kinking the
mono on tying up. With a rig of 9-10in
all that was needed to finish it off
were a couple of blobs of putty – a largish piece about 3in from the hook to
not only pin it down, but to help pull
the hook into the floor of the mouth
and help with the hooking efficiency.
A small piece in between this piece
and the rig swivel would totally eliminate any possibility of the link looping up, keeping it flush to the bottom.
On a hot summer’s morning in July
my Brazil hookbait was picked up,
and after a ripping take and a good
couple of runs, an obviously big, angry
carp found sanctuary in a weedbed.
With the use of the boat that was on
the lake for such occasions, Rick Harrison and I donned lifejackets and
drifted out to the weeded fish. Anyo n e w h o ' s w a t c h e d t h e Ya t e l e y
Uncovered video will know the outcome, as after a few minutes pulling
and teasing the weedbed up, I netted
the awesome Single Scale at 44lb 9oz,
my first open water capture after having extracted Chunky and Pearly Tail
previously from the margins. This of
course gave me great confidence in
the rig, and I later went on to catch
the Big Orange, Pearly Tail twice
more, three commons, and the loss of
the one I dearly wanted, Heather The
Leather, on the exact same rig. This
rig might not look fancy, but it is very
effective, especially when no one is
using mono rigs on your water, as it
behaves that bit differently. I've
recently used a slightly different version on a very weedy lake I'm fishing,
and as I was using larger boilies, I
stepped up the rig to 20lb Maxima
and size 6 or 8 Korda Choddy hook.
This sits a bit differently, as the
Choddy has an out-turned eye as
opposed to the in-turn of the Big T. To
help with the hook turning over, a
piece of putty moulded on the rig
directly below the hook extends it
much like a piece of shrink tube, and
flips it over as well as keeping the
very end of the rig on the bottom.
Over the next few issues I'll look at
further hooklink materials that camouflage, as well as a lot of other bits
and pieces of terminal tackle that help
you to disguise the presentation, as
well as highlighting some of my successful rigs that I've employed over
the years in search of England’s finest
big carp. Until next time, keep it well
hidden! n


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