FREE LINE 03 - Page 185

Fish Care
(Top left) Items required must have to
hand suitable forceps, scales and
remedies for body and mouth
(excellent one by Thinking Anglers).
(Top right) A container for water
should always be to hand to keep fish
wet during photos.
(Left) Photos being taken with full
protection of large Gardner X-Mat.
(Below) Always use a weigh sling to
carry your prize back to the water and
return her safely. I use the excellent
large sling from Gardner with zips at
either end – awesome.
7. Collapse the net and, checking
the pecs are not folded back, roll
the net down towards the fish.
Once this is done, you can lift fish,
making sure it cannot move forward or backwards, and keep the
fish level. Take care while carrying, and gently place on unhooking mat.
8. Unfold net and unhook fish, putting antiseptic on hookhold.
9. Always have a bucket of lake
water to wet the fish prior to lifting for the photos, and away you
go - lift her up and give a big
10. Once the photo is done, place her
back in the weigh sling, and carry
her back to the lake, again checking the fins, then lower her into
the water, release her slowly, and
watch her swim away strongly.
Job done.
Hopefully there is something here
to assist once you have made that
capture. No one wants to damage
these fish, so please be careful, and
the fish that has just become your
PB will be around to be someone
else’s. n


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