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Right Place at the
By Mark Watson
t was 2001 that this fish first
came to my attention when a
mate caught it at 34lb-plus.
Since then it has been
s t e a d i l y g r o w i n g, a n d
although I’ve always had an
interest in it, it wasn’t until November
2007 that I eventually fished for it. The
trigger for me was my good friend
Jamie Clossick bagging it at 46lbplus, and now it was a big 40, I just
had to have a go for it. The fish in
question is known as the Starburst
mirror, and lives in a lovely little club
lake of about eight acres. Apart from
Starburst, there are only a few other
carp present, and shed loads of bream
and tench. There is also loads of weed
to contend with, and as it’s a club
46lb 6oz.
water the lake is shared between
carpers and pleasure anglers of all
abilities. The venues I had fished in
the previous few years had all been
syndicates, with a generally good
standard of angler, so this was a bit
alien to me. There were several times
I had to bite my lip on there and just
let things go over my head. I fished
three two-night sessions that November, with only bream daft enough to
pick up my hookbait. I would have
carried on right through the winter,
but I had a winter ticket that started
on 1st December, so that is where I
fished. Despite the lack of carp, those
few sessions proved invaluable in
learning about the water. Most other
anglers had already pulled off, which
left it nice and quiet for me to thrash
the water to a foam with the marker
I made my return in late March to
find out that several carp had already
been landed, and that Star had probably been lost. I did feel like I had
missed the boat a little, and should
have been there a few weeks earlier
but there was nothing I could do
about it. There always seemed to be a
lot of people mooching around the
place and dropping bits of bait in here
and there. Star is known for coming
out in the edge, so any bit of warm
weather had everyone looking. I was
concentrating on a few open water
spots and keeping a good amount of
bait going on them. I was using (and


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