FREE LINE 03 - Page 189

Right Place at the Right Time
still am) Nashbait’s Scopex Squid
boilies in various sizes. It’s a bait that
I have total confidence in, and is also
what Jamie caught her on. She is
known as a bit of a boilie muncher, so
that is what I planned on taking
advantage of.
I caught bream straight away, so I
switched to pop-ups to avoid them.
This did slow them up quite a lot, but
not totally eliminate them. It was on
my third trip of the year that the
venue flooded badly; The Great Ouse
runs right next to the lake, and it is
well known for flooding. To start with
water was coming in through a pipe,
but not really affecting the level. I
even spent the afternoon with a couple of baits just off the pipe, but nothing occurred. We had not had a huge
amount of rain in the previous couple
of days, so I was sure the river wouldn’t carry on rising. Just to be on the
safe side, I set up for the night on the
road bank, which is a good few feet
above the water. About midnight I
woke for a pee, and could hear running water. I walked round to the pipe
area, and the river was now pouring
over the bank and was filling the lake
up big time. It had risen a couple of
feet in a matter of a couple of hours,
and was still going. A young lad on his
first trip was fishing dangerously
close to the river and was being cut
off! I woke him up to let him know of
his predicament, and after a few profanities he was packed up and leaving. I considered doing the same
thing myself, but as I was safely above
the water level and knackered, I
stayed put with plans to pack up in
the morning. Jon McAllister was fishing further down the bank and woke
me up at about 4.30am. The water
was still gushing in, and the lake was
now at least 3ft higher than normal.
Most of the swims on the river side of
the lake were now underwater, and
our roadside swims were now looking
under threat. After a breakfast of coffee and teacakes we both retreated.
I had a couple of social sessions
after that on A1 pit 6 before I went
back. Those trips were fun, and gave
me a chance to brush up on my distance casting. The fish were showing
(Top) A1 pits Scamp.
(Right) In the net.


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