FREE LINE 03 - Page 191

Right Place at the Right Time
(Left) The zone.
(Below) What a lump!
turd swim and into the next one.
I was now in direct contact with
the fish, and the lunges were getting
weaker each time. The fish turned in
front of me, and I instantly recognised
a nick in its tail. I was connected to
Star, which made me play it very care-
fully from then on. Soon she was
ready for the net, but there was a
problem. A great chunk of weed was
stuck to the line at the top of the leadcore some 4ft above the fish, so I
couldn’t get it to the surface. The only
thing I could do was sink the net to
the bottom and try to draw the fish
over it. As I did this, the fish turned
right over the net, which gave me the
opportunity I needed, and she was
scooped up salmon-style. After an
e v e n t f u l s c r a p S t a r w a s m i n e. I
recruited the services of another
carper on the lake for the weighing
and photographing ritual, and he did
me proud with the shots. For the
record, Starburst weighed in at 45lb
It was a pleasing capture for a few
reasons. Obviously the size of the fish,
but also the fact that I’d had a certain
amount of luck in catching the lake’s
biggie for my first fish, and not had to
struggle through the smaller ones first
like I have on other waters. It was also
good for the fact that I could turn my
back on the venue. I enjoyed my time
on there, but can live without all the
stress that comes with fishing a busy
mixed fishery. I’m looking forward to
some nice peaceful fishing now. n


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