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Essex 40s
Chunky 37.8
round.” Well less than 30 seconds
later, I was into a good carp, which
was doing a good impression of an
express train towards the shallows. I
was at full stretch because of a set of
reeds to my left, trying to keep the line
out of harm’s way. The carp eventually gave in and came back towards
us, and Andy did the honours first
time. The fish turned out to be the
smaller of the two big commons, The
Long Common at 33lb 8oz. Three of
the lake’s 30’s in 15 nights fishing – I
was on a roll.
The next morning I decided to bait
the swim again, and rest it for a few
hours, as I wanted the carp to build
up confidence. By resting the swim
and having no lines in the water I
hoped they would really get their
heads down and feed harder, becoming easier to catch. At 3pm I got the
rods back out, and I didn’t have to
wait long for my second take. At 5pm,
I landed a mirror of 25lb 10oz on the
left rod. At 5.30 pm, the right rod was
away resulting in a 22lb 2oz mirror. It
really was turning into a red-letter
week. I re-baited the swim, tied new
rigs, and cast out just before dark. The
right hand lead touched down with a
firm thud, as the fish had fed hard on
the spot. My confidence was sky
high; I was buzzing. I didn’t get to bed
‘til late, but was woken soon after by
a belting take on the right rod. Lifting
into the fish it felt very heavy, fighting
differently to the others. It just moved
slowly and held the bottom using its
weight. Andy must have heard the
take, as a few minutes later he was
standing next to me holding the net.
He commented on the rod being bent
over double, and something about me
having all the luck. I think he knew by
the way I was playing the fish that it
was a good’un. The fish was plodding
about holding bottom, somewhere
out to the right in front of the point.
Another five minutes passed, and the
fish was still the other side of a
Single 40.4
weedbed, which it muscled through
on its first run for freedom. I just
applied steady pressure, putting my
faith in that size 8 Korda Wide Gape.
The fish came through the weed, and
as I saw the ripples nearing the net,
Andy dipped and lifted the net
around the fish, or so I thought… On
lifting the net panic washed over him
– it’s not in there! I lifted the rod
again, the huge fish just rose up in the
water, and Andy scooped it up second
time. Lucky boy, I thought to myself. I
grabbed my torch, shone it in the net,
and was greeted by a whole torchful
of carp, and a big single scale. I
shouted across the lake, “SINGLE!”
Andy got everything ready for the
photos while I just stared in the net at
the most impressive carp I’d ever
seen. As I lifted the net, I knew she
was big. To date the biggest she had
been was 39lb 8oz, but all that was
about to change. We lifted her up onto
the Reubens and the needle went
past the 40 to 40lb 4oz – my first 40lb
carp. I can’t describe what I was feeling; it was just a magic moment I will
never forget, and I’m glad Andy was
there to witness it – cheers, mate.
Three weeks later she came out again
at 42lb 8oz, a new lake record – she
really was on the feed. The next day I
had a double just to finish the session
Over the winter I had another three
20’s to 26lb. It was soon April, and I
wanted Swirly badly. I decided to
have some time off work for my birthday, and six nights of angling were
sorted. I had three fish that week – an
18lb mirror, a 24lb 10oz mirror known
as Baby Brave, and a 22lb 10oz mirror
with a pronounced lateral line known


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