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In Search of Beasts and Beauties
(Left) Watching and learning.
(Below) Arthur, a true and rare
character of the lake.
winter I fished at every opportunity,
and only came across two other
anglers, both of whom I only saw the
once. I learnt a lot about the lake, and
found a few good looking areas to target. I soon learnt that any amount of
small feed, i.e., pellets, particles and
maggots would soon bring the shoals
of bream in. There were loads of them,
and they were big – very rarely were
the under 9/10lbs. I opted to fish with
boilies only, and I still caught bream,
but not as many. I really enjoyed the
winter there, all on my own, with no
one else to pull information from and
working it all out myself. By the time
the year was up, I put another three
fish on the bank including a 25lb mirror, hooked near the islands down the
car park end on the 22nd October.
Strangely, the next weekend I fished
the other end of the lake, again near
the island in about 5/6ft of water, and
caught the same fish at the same
weight – just my luck, my second
capture turns out to be my third also
(well at least he liked the bait).
My next result was on the 4th
December, when I had two in three
nights. The first night was damned
cold, down to minus 4, but I managed
to land an elusive character, not a big
fish but an old original called Arthur, a
beautiful near leather in prime winter
condition at a weight of 25lb8oz. For
the last day of my session, I decided
to move round to the spot of my first
capture, the snaggy bushes in a swim
called The Boat. By midday I was
holding up another named fish, a 31lb
8oz common called the Big Headed
Common. A 30lb common in December is special, so by this time I was
buzzing, the bait was doing the business, and I caught all through the
winter. The New Year came and went,
and with it came an influx of new
anglers waking from their winter
slumber. Anyway, there were seven or
eight of us fishing the lake that year,
some more than others. My brother Si
decided to give it a bash, and we
decided to work as a team, which was


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