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In Search of Beasts and Beauties
an advantage as two brains are far
better than one, and someone to share
the expense of bait with is always
handy. With this in mind we decided
to use a fair bit and try and give ourselves an edge by establishing a good
and constant food source for the carp.
A couple of days later after a phone
call to Steve at Ace Baits, we had a
freezer full.
I’d been trickling a bit in through
the winter, and had a good idea
where the fish spent most of their
time. The lake had three main sets of
snags, two of them having plenty of
accessible areas for the carp to make
their home. The plan was to constantly bait these two sets of snags in
the most inaccessible areas, which
were covered in trees and underwater
branches, totally un-fishable – this
way the fish could get a proper liking
for the bait. We baited by gently
creeping through the undergrowth,
then when perched on a tree trunk
that stretched out into the lake, lowered a bucket down, and emptied it
under the water. This meant we could
deposit any amount of bait quickly
and without another soul knowing,
(Top) Petals.
(Right) Lyn, absolutey stunning.
including the bird life for a while, but I
found them reluctant to dive in the
dense snags anyway. The gate locking at dusk was a bit of a problem, but
we managed to trickle bait on the
spots two or three times a week constantly throughout the time we fished
there. We never fished these spots; we
just used them to feed our quarry and
observe the fish gaining confidence
with every load that went in. Half way
through our campaign we had to up
the bait sometimes because the carp
would basically be waiting for their
food. The bucket would deposit the
bait, and two or three fish would be
on it straight away and demolish it in
front of our eyes, and then swim off


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