FREE LINE 03 - Page 204

In Search of Beasts and Beauties
(Left) The second snags.
(Below) Baby Baz from the second
Anyway, one weekend at the end of
June, the lake was busy and I was
tucked away in the Second Snags. At
8.45pm on the Friday night, a huge
surge of water erupted followed by a
couple of bleeps on the right hand
Delkim. The line started moving left,
away from the bush, so I picked the
rod up a bit sharpish to have it almost
wrenched from my grasp as the fish
tried doing me up in the bush where
the other rod was fishing. I had the
scrap of my life, and how something
didn’t give I don’t know. I couldn’t
even take my left hand off the rod to
net the fish, as it had so much power,
surging left, then right, then left
again. I had to shout Si round from the
other end of the lake to do the honours with the net. The culprit was the
Hoover at 34lb 12oz, the second
biggest mirror in the pond. Everyone
came around for a nose, and afterwards I wound in and went for a celebration in Si’s swim with the rest of
the anglers. It was about midnight
when I returned to my swim. It took a
while, but after I had stripped off a few
yards of line and tied up a whole new
rig, I set about getting the rig back in
place. I was a bit reluctant to, but had
to use a torch, just to make sure I
wasn’t caught in any branches. It
must have been 2am by the time I had
it all sorted, and I was left with just
the one rod until morning. It felt like I
hadn’t even blinked and by first light,
I was shattered. At 6.15am the rod
buckled over in the rests, and another
good scrap started – nothing like the
Hoover, but he tried, bless him! Ten
minutes later and the one I really
wanted was in the bottom of my net –
a mirror of 35lbs 12oz called Baby Baz,
the biggest mirror in the lake – result!
No other fish came out that weekend, so the boot was well and truly on
the other foot (bruv). Another area I
did well in was a swim called The
Gap, which covered the area of water
between the islands, a channel about
20ft wide at about 60-70yds range. It
was quite shallow in the channel,
compared to the rest of the lake, at
about 4-5 ft. And the fish love to
patrol around the islands, so when the


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