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In Search of Beasts and Beauties
stroll up there to bait up. I must say it
was tempting to fish a rod over there,
as there always seem to be fish present, but I feel that one line would have
given the game away. I do like my
snag fishing, but carp can become
edgy around these areas if pressured,
also a take doesn’t always mean a fish
on the bank, the bird life can be a
problem, and fish safety should be
foremost. So I decided to leave the
Tree Line well alone, leaving a good
chunk of water with no lines going
through it, allowing the carp to move
along the tree line without feeling
pressured. I wanted to lull the carp
into a false sense of security, and
intercept them elsewhere on their
patrol routes. Knowing the carp regularly patrol the islands, the one right
in front of me seemed a good bet.
After a few chucks with a lead rod I
found what I was looking for, a good
hard gravely area about 5/6ft deep,
just at the base of the island shelf
(about a rod length off the corner). It
was an area about 10ft square, drop-
(Top) A group of carp in blank bay
with Nina just hanging back from the
(Below) Si with Nina 42lb 4oz.
ping off in depth around it, almost like
a feeding table for my quarry. I was
getting rather excited with my find
and decided to put all three rods on it.
The left hand rod was fished a rod
length off the corner of the island,
right at the base of the drop off, the
middle rod was fished a few feet to
the right and 2ft shorter, and the right
rod was fished a few feet further to
the right and a couple of feet shorter
still, which covered the area nicely.
Setting my traps in this way ensured
that when a carp came round the cor-
ner of the island there was a good
chance of it passing over one of the
rigs. The rigs were as mentioned earlier with the six-bait Funnel Web on
the hook. I spread a kilo of mixed
sized baits out all over the three rods
covering the area, well after dark to
avoid the attentions of the whole population of the complex’s bird life.
It didn’t take long before a fish
slipped up, and about midnight the
middle rod was away. Now about
20yds past the corner of the island is
some sort of snag, a branch of some


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