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Low weight, high flavour!
Refuel and warm up after a long day in the great outdoors with a
hot, tasty and calorie-rich REAL Turmat meal.
Who said pouched food isn’t tasty,
healthy and flavoursome? Real Turmat pairs its unique freeze-drying
process with locally-sourced, highquality Norwegian ingredients for the
ultimate combination of great taste,
balanced nutrition and low weight.
Perfect for outdoor adventures when
keeping weight low is a priority, Real
Turmat pouches weigh just 133g, yet
expand by up to 5x once prepared.
Sourced and manufactured in Norway, the brand’s high-quality, freezedried expedition meals promise to
deliver on both taste and nutrition.
For over 30-years, Real Turmat has
perfected its closely guarded freezedrying process to capture all the taste,
texture and aroma of its locally
sourced ingredients. Other dehydrated food brands buy in ready
freeze-dried ingredients from numerous suppliers, then blend them
together to produce the end product.
This isn’t the case for Real Turmat.
Every recipe is prepared at their Norwegian base and the company harvests ingredients at the peak of the
season. The cod they use is caught in
winter when the fish journeys from
the Barent Sea to the Norwegian
coast, the vegetables and berries are
harvested in the autumn when
they’re at their best, and only the
finest quality meat is used.
With Real Turmat, you can choose
from a large range of flavours, from
Sweet and Sour Pork and tasty
Chicken Tikka Masala, to hearty Cod
and Curry Sauce – you’ll never be
bored of eating the same old meals.
Specially developed to provide a balanced source of protein, carbohydrate
and fats, each Real Turmat recipe has
been designed to fuel outdoor adventures and the calorie content varies
between 250kcal and 650kcal so users
can tailor their intake to meet the
energy requirements for any outdoor
At the end of a long day, the meals
are also very quick and easy to prepare. Simply fill up to the pack’s ‘fill
line’ with boiling water, reseal, and
eight minutes later open the pouch to
reveal your tasty and nourishing
Pack light with a big appetite while
out in the great outdoors with Real
Turmat. Find out more at or contact
for stockist information. n
Twist+ 300 Lantern
Light up everything with the Twist+ 300 Lantern
Packed full of features for this winter, the new Twist+ 300 R
Lantern from outdoor expert Coleman is incredibly bright and
lets you light up your house, garden or the path after dark for
up to 300 hours (on low setting) this winter. Even more convenient, it doubles up as a handy phone charger, so even if your
power does go down, you’ll never be without charge on your
smart phone or tablet.
It’s incredibly rugged construction also means that the
lantern can deal with extreme wear and tear and will even survive an accidental drop from 2 metres. Featuring an integrated
USB port the lantern can be easily charged at home or in the
car. It includes the brand’s innovative BatteryLockT technology, put the power of light in your hands this autumn season
with the new Coleman Twist 300 Lantern. n
Divide+ 700 LED Torch
Who knows how the dreary weather could affect our power
As the weather changes and the days become shorter who knows what the great
British weather will throw at us when the sun goes down. Tough and always ready,
you can rely on the Coleman Divide+ 700 LED Torch to get you out of sticky situations and scenarios such as power cuts, damaged or damp electrics or a disturbance
in your fuse box. Featuring a super-bright 700 lumen light output and a beam distance of 330 metres, the
Divide+ 700 is the perfect
companion this dark season. With a 55-hour run time
on low, keep a Coleman
Batterylock Divide 700 to
hand at home this autumn,
and be prepared when the
lights go out! n


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