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In Search of Monster Carp
up, and I said to him, “You ain’t going
to believe this, mate.” He said, “What’s
that?” I said, “I have just seen a fish in
Wraysbury, and it’s got to be 45lb.” He
said, “No.” I said, “Yeah, it’s definitely
that big. I don’t know which fish it is,
but it has got to be 45lb.” I don’t know
whether he thought I was pulling his
leg or not.
My mate Johnny Perkins from Somerset had moved down to Torquay,
and he’d got some fishing rights on a
reservoir down there, a trout reservoir,
and he phoned me up, and said that
he’d had X amount of commons up to
30lb, all on sweetcorn, that never been
hooked before, so come down. So I
thought I’d go down there, and I
arranged for a couple of days off work.
He took me to this place, and I’m not
kidding you, I’ve never known anything like it. We were driving uphill for
about five miles, winding round; it
was like on Exmoor or wherever. We
got the top, and there’s this huge
reservoir, I forget how big it was, but
it was big, and it was lovely. It had the
old rhododendron bushes round it,
and little huts for the trout fisherman
to shelter from the rain; it was
heaven. He said to me, “I’ve baited up
a couple of spots, so we’ll fish here.”
We didn’t do any good though, so we
moved round. Anyway to cut a long
story short, I fell in love with it. I said,
“John, I don’t want to go back to
work; I’m going to phone in sick.” We
were eating fresh trout for breakfast
every morning, and trout in the
evening. There was a post office half
way down the drive, a funny place
right on the bend of a road, so we
went down there, and I phoned up
work, and I said, “I can’t come back to
work tomorrow. I’ve fallen over on the
wet rocks, I’ve sprained my ankle, and
I can’t drive.” “Where are you?” “I’m
in the middle of nowhere, I don’t
know where I am.” I gave them a cock
and bull story, and I stayed there for
the rest of the week until the weekend. I think I hooked and lost a fish,
and that was about it carp-wise. I
decided I’d go down again, and it so
happened I went just before the season started. We fished off what they
called the Road Bank, and we had the
wind nailing in, whacking in at us.
John was supplying all the local
hotels with trout. I was fishing with a
guy called Martin Coombes there as
well, and I was telling both of them
about the fish I had seen at Wraysbury, and I was itching to get back.
Anyway, we had a couple of these
common carp, and it was a beautiful
place to fish. I think it was the 16th,
and I said, “I’ve got to go, I’m getting
back to Wraysbury.” I wanted to go
and fish off this point from out of the
Douglas Lane car park, because that
was near where I had seen this fish.
So I said, “I’m packing up now, I’m
going back to Wraysbury.”
All the way back I was thinking
about it, because the season started
that night, and I thought to myself, I
doubt if there will be anyone down
there, as there never is normally. But I
pulled into Douglas Lane car park and
I thought there was a match on! Anyway Richard Skidmore was in what
they call the Root Nightmare, so I
have gone over to see him, and said
“There are a lot of people here,” and
he said, “Yeah, there are a few down
from Yorkshire,” and I thought bloody
hell, who are all these foreigners coming down here? He said, “There have
been three fish out,” and I said “Oh
n o , w h a t ’s b e e n o u t ? ” H e s a i d,
“Mary’s Mate.” I don’t know if they
had names then, but Mary’s Mate had
been out at 39lb or whatever weight it
was, and another one had been out,
but this big one hadn’t. So I said to
him, “I’ll tell you something now, and
only Kenny and John know about it,
but I’ve seen a fish here in the closed
season,” and I told him exactly what
I’d seen – 45lb, blah, blah, blah.
Anyway, I can’t remember where I
fished then, but anyway a couple of
weeks after the season started and
everything had quietened down,
Richard came down and was fishing.
I don’t know if he was with Sue or not,
because he used to come down with
his missus. It was in July, and he
phoned me up in the evening. He
said, “I’ve been round the Swimming
Pool area today, I’ve seen a really big
fish, and it’s going to be really hot
tomorrow. If I were you, I’d take the
day off work.” I said, “I can’t Richard,
I’ve had so much time off work.” He
said, “Well I’m just telling you – I’ve
seen a couple of nice fish in the
Swimming Pool, so that’s where I’ll be
tomorrow if you decide to come
down.” So anyway, I said goodbye to
him, put the TV on, and saw the
weather forecast saying how hot it
was going to be. Anyway, in the
morning I thought, sod it, I’m going,
so I got my floater rod and a few bits
and drove down and met him at the


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