FREE LINE 03 - Page 224

By Ben Jones
was off work for a week in
early April planning a trip, but
couldn't decide on where to
go. I had been fishing my
usual lake for a while now,
and was deciding on a new
challenge, but in the meantime I was
looking at going somewhere different
just for a few days for a change. After
looking at a few venues I decided on
a trip to Cemex Angling's Sandhurst
Lake. I had never seen the place
before, let alone fished it, but I had
seen and heard a lot about the place
and the good head of large fish it contained. Over the weekend before I
was cleaning all my gear, tying rigs
and getting ready for a session, and I
was becoming excited, as you do,
when fishing somewhere new. I knew
there was a good head of fish present
for the size of the water, and after
speaking to a few people who fished
the venue it was clear at the time that
big beds of bait were not used very
32lb common kicking off the session.
often; it was mainly people using
boats or PVA bags. So I decided to
take a good quantity of bait with me
for the session, including 5kg of the
ever faithful Solar Club Mix frozen
readymades, 25kg of mixed pellets,
10kg of hemp, plenty of Solar Growler
Bag Mix, and a fair few tins of sweetcorn. As I said, I knew there was a
large number of fish present for the
size of the water, and knew if you got
it right big hits could be on the cards,
although I also knew it was not going
to be easy, and I would have to think
about my approach carefully, as these
fish are constantly pressured and can
be very cagey. I was not going to just
pile it in and expect to catch, as more
often than not, this does not happen.
I went into Yateley Angling Centre
on the Monday morning, and booked
myself on for three nights.
Buzzing with excitement, I pulled
up to the main gate and was overjoyed that there were only two other
people on the lake. It was surprisingly
warm for April, and upon walking into
the first swim, the Car Park, there was
a large number of fish cruising on the
surface in the shallows. There was a
guy just pulling out of the Car Park
swim, and after a brief chat he had
caught one during the night, and said
there had been a lot of fish showing in
the area. I knew, from talking to a few
mates who fished the venue, that this
was the shallower end of the lake, and
with the very warm weather it could
be a good place to start. The fish were
very active in front of the area, and
after watching the water for a short
time it was clear the fish were there in
numbers but I still wanted to have a
walk around the lake and have a look
about. After a couple of laps of the
lake it was obvious where they were
mainly stacked up, and with only two
other anglers fishing, one on the
island and one in swim 12, I had that
whole end of the lake to myself, and it


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