FREE LINE 03 - Page 225

was there I decided to start.
I unloaded the car and placed the
gear into the swim. There were still a
lot of fish cruising on the surface, and
by this time it was noon and the sun
was high in the sky. I ‘pulted out a few
pouchfuls of mixers while I was getting myself bedded in. It didn't take
long before the lake’s population of
birdlife arrived and started munching
the mixers before the carp had even
had a chance, and because of this, I
decided to set up three zig rigs. I
knew the average depth was around
5ft, so I decided to set up a zig at 4ft,
one at 3ft, and one at 2 1/2ft, all placed
on 10mm Solar pineapple pop-ups. I
cast the first one of 4ft about 60yds
out to where there was a large group
of fish, and I also cast the 3ft zig the
same distance, but more to the left.
Just as I was getting ready to place
the third one, a fish rolled out in front
of me about 15yds off the bank, so I
quickly took of the zig and put a bottom bait 14mm Club Mix boilie, and
attached a small mesh bag of pellets.
Whilst I was doing this, another fish
rolled on the same spot, and it was
soon followed down by my hookbait. I
had the three rods out, and decided to
put my bivvy up and get myself
sorted, as I was here for a few days so
I wanted to get comfortable then
think about the plan of action.
As I was just putting the pegs in on
the bivvy, the left hand rod I had cast
to the showing fish absolutely
screamed off, and I was in. I could not
believe I had only been fishing about
half an hour on my first trip to the
lake, and I was into a fish. I was very
careful when playing the fish, as it hit
the surface very quickly in the shallow water, and I could see it was a
good common. After a very good
fight, I finally slipped my net under a
gorgeous scale-perfect common. I
looked into the net, and the smile on
my face must have been a picture –
my first ever fish from Sandhurst, and
I knew it was a good’un. I was now
(Above) The Car Park swim where it
all unfolded.
(Below) A nice upper-20 common in a
morning period which brought many
running round the swim like a kid in a
sweet shop, getting my mat wet and
getting the weighing gear and camera ready. I got myself sorted and
brought the fish up onto the mat. Just
as I was unhooking it, the guy who
was fishing the island was walking
past, and was on hand to take the
photos. I got the fish into the weigh
sling, and couldn't wait to see what
the needle would spin round to on the


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