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(Left) A deep-bodied 33lb 6oz
(Below) 31lb 6oz mirror, caught
within minutes of getting the
hookbaits out.
Reubens. It spun round to 32lb
exactly, and settled on that figure. To
say I was pleased would be an understatement; the first fish from a new
venue, and a 30 to boot – I was more
than happy. After a few snaps I placed
the fish back, and put the rod back to
the same spot, but I could never have
dreamed of what was going to take
place over the next few days. A few
hours passed with no more action, so
I decided to get the marker out and
have a feel around for an area to fish
to. After a few casts, I had found a
deeper area of 6 1/2ft at the back of a
bar at about 50yds range. I decided to
bait this area, and was going to have
two rods on there; one just on the
area where it pulled from silt to
gravel, and one a few feet back into
the silt. This was a tactic I had used
on a previous water, and I must say I
had noticed a lot of the time I had the
caught the bigger fish off the back of
the area, so I decided to fish the same
I made up a spod mix of hemp, pellets, a few grains of corn, and plenty of
chopped Club Mix boilies, all mixed in
with the awesome Growler Mix to
give it a good cloud, as I am a firm
b e l i e v e r i n t h e m o r e c l o u d, t h e
quicker the bites will come. I also
added to this mix some hemp oil and
Solar Slayer Salmon Oil, which gives it
a nice extra added boost. I also like
the oils in the mix, especially when
there is a slight ripple on the water, as
when the fish are feeding over the
bait, you get that slick over the baited
area, and you are just waiting for it to
happen. I made the mix up ready to
go, and left it for about an hour to let
the oils soak in. In the meantime I tied
up some more rigs ready to go, and
plenty of spares, as I don't like catching fish then having to tie rigs up after
you have caught, as it wastes time,
especially when fishing over baited
areas when there could be a shoal of
fish on the bait, and you need to get
the hookbait back out as quickly as
possible. It was now nearly 4pm, and
I baited two rods, one with a 14mm
Club Mix bottom bait, and the other
with two grains of fake corn. I cast
these two rods out to the area, taped
the line up, and spodded about 20
spods of bait over the area. I was not
going to pile it in straight away, but I
put out a fair bit of bait, which from
what I was told was different to the
norm, and I must admit, the other two
anglers who were on the lake where
both using boats. After spodding, I
decided to fish the third rod as a
roamer on small mesh bags with a
Club Mix hookbait, as this is what I
had already caught on.
With the three rods out, I sat back
in the evening sunshine watching a
few fish still milling about in the last
rays of sunshine, when about 7.30 one
lumped out over the baited area, followed shortly by another and another.
I was thinking it had to go, but the
next couple of hours proved to be
fruitless. There were a few fish also
showing close in to my right in front
of a swim called the Secret, so I cast a
small bag to the area where they had
been showing. Again within half an
hour this rod was away to a screamer,
and when I lifted into the fish, it just
peeled line from the reel and headed
straight towards the middle of the
lake. With gentle pressure and steady
coaxing, I managed to turn the fish
and bring it back towards me, and
after what felt like ages I managed to
get the fish up and into the net. Again
it was a good fish, a lovely-looking
mirror with very few scales, and it
went 26lb 4oz. I was now delighted
with the day; I had caught two fish,
and was pretty pleased with that as it
was my first ever visit to the venue. I
sat up and watched the lake for a
while seeing the odd fish show in


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