FREE LINE 03 - Page 227

(Left) A beautiful morning on
(Below) Another mid-20 common.
front of me until I got my head down
for the night. The night went by quietly, until I was awakened by a couple
of bleeps on the middle rod, but then
nothing. I looked out the baited area,
and it was a mass area of bubbles.
How long they had been bubbling
for? Who knows, but it was clear there
were a fair few fish feeding, as the
area was pretty big. I looked at the
time; it was 5.15, and the morning
mist was just lifting off the water
when my right hand rod on the Club
Mix tore off. Again it was a powerful
fish, which was the norm as I soon
got to find out, and after a spirited
fight a lovely common of 25lb 4oz
rolled over the net. After a few snaps,
it was slipped back.
I put a tiny mesh bag on, and cast
the rig back to the baited area. I
always like to put just a tiny mesh bag
on before I cast, as I feel confident it
draws fish to the hookbait quicker,
and therefore the bites come quicker
in effect. I had just stuck the kettle on
when the corn rod let out a one-toner;
I was in again. I could tell this was a
good fish again, and I played it in with
steady pressure. It finally rolled over
the net, and when I peered down to
see what I had, that thought of, “Yes
that's a 30” went through my mind.
As I thought, on the scales the mirror
went 31lb 4oz, and I was once again
over the moon. Again the snaps
where taken, and the fish returned
safely. One of my friends who lives in
my original home town of Portsmouth
called to see how I was getting on,
and when I told him what I had
caught, he was dying to get down,
but unfortunately he had too much
work and couldn't manage to. The
rest of the morning passed by slowly
with no more action, until about 9am
when my roaming rod was away
again. After a short fight, I slipped the
net under a nice low-20 mirror and
got the rod back out. By late morning
it had gone quiet, so I decided to spod
some more bait out to the area. Within
ten minutes of spodding I was in
again, and another nice mid-20 mirror
graced my net. This was quickly followed by another 20lb mirror within
half an hour. The action then stopped
again for a couple of hours, and it was
evident the fish were in the area, but I
was getting cleared out after catching
a couple of fish, so I decided to spod
after every two fish from then on. With
this in mind, I went home to collect
another 25kg of pellet, 20kg of hemp,
another 10kg of Club Mix, and 5kg of
Club Mix chops.
I came back to the lake armed with
more bait, and spodded another 40
spods of bait to the area.
I sat back and tied another load of
mini mesh bags ready to be attached
to the rigs. As a friend of mine had
moved in next door, I decided to fish
all three rods to the baited area. I was
a bit worried at first, wondering if it
would be too many lines in the same
area, but that proved not to be the
Within an hour I was into a fish, and
again it felt a good’un. As it came in
close, it made a dash for the snags
down to my left, but I managed to
tempt it away, and slipped the net
under a pristine mirror of 27lb 4oz.
Within ten minutes I was away again,
with another mid-20, this time a common. Once I had dealt with this I
spodded more bait to the area. By the
time night fell, I had caught 18 fish,
and was knackered, but wanted to
carry on catching. By this time there
were a few faces in the swim, as I was
getting takes regularly and people
where obviously coming round to see
what I was doing. The early hours
provided yet more fish, and I was up
spodding at all hours, but by 3 in the
morning, I had to get some sleep, so
didn't spod – but the takes kept coming!
By the morning, I had now caught
26 fish with another lovely 30lb mirror
in the night weighing 31lb 6oz. That
morning I popped home for a shower
and a freshen up, as I was covered in
spod mix and stinking, and as I only
live two minutes from Sandhurst, I
was only away briefly before I was
able to come back fresh and rejuvenated and get the rods back out. The
day was quiet, and I was beginning to


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