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wonder if the area had become overfished, and the fish had done the off,
as it was flat calm and not much was
really happening. Around 3pm it all
changed; the wind picked up again,
but it was stronger this time than it
had been previously, and it was hacking into the car park bank. Around
4pm my mate and bailiff Steve turned
up to fish in the Secret next door, and
with the conditions looking good I
was expecting a few fish, so I put a bit
more bait out and sat back waiting. It
was not long until I got another belter,
but this time the hook fell out pretty
(Top) A nice scraper-30 common.
(Below) The stunning Polo at 31lb,
not long after the other 30lb common.
quickly, and the fish was gone, but as
I was winding that one in, the left
hand rod let out a couple of bleeps
and pulled up tight, so I lifted the rod
up and was in. It was just a heavy
lump that kited to my right, not putting up much of a fight, and just feeling solid, so I was expecting a good
fish. When I netted it I knew straight
away it was another 30. We weighed
it in at 33lb 6oz and added another 30
to the list. By now, I was expecting
one of the big girls, surely. As I was
sorting out the two rods to get them
back out, the third rod was away
again with a one-toner. I lifted into it,
and again it felt like a good fish, and
after a good battling scrap, I netted
what looked a decent mirror. When I
lifted it onto the mat Steve recognised
it straight away as a fish called Polo, a
gorgeous mirror with a lovely starburst of scales near the tail. This
weighed 31lb on the button, and I
was on cloud nine that I had caught
this many fish on my first trip, with
two 30’s on the bounce. We did the
photos, slipped her back, and I frantically spodded some bait back out.
I only had two rods back on the
area when one of them went, and
when I netted it, I was just in disarray,
as it looked another good fish. It was
another 30, weighing 32lb 8oz and the
session was just getting better and
better, without doubt being one of my
best ever sessions. I went on to catch
steadily through the evening, and in a
three-hour period had 11 fish out,
including the three 30’s. The two
bailiffs who where down in my swim
could not believe how many I was
catching, and quite a few others had
said to me that they had never seen
anything like it before on the water.
The Thursday morning I was awoken
by another screamer, and landed a
another nice fish of 24lb. I was supposed to be pulling off that particular
day, but as the session was going so
well, I decided to book on for one
more night. This session was before I
had become a bailiff on the venue,
and I say this because quite a few
people have questioned me since this
session as to how long bailiffs can
stay in a swim, but as I said, this was
before I became a bailiff. I popped into
Ya t e l e y A n g l i n g t o b o o k o n f o r
another night, and the news had travelled fast, as everyone seemed to
know what I had caught. Then I took
another trip to my home for more bait,
and returned to the lake.
Upon getting back to the lake, I was
low on rigs, so I decided to tie some
more rigs up ready to go, and another
load of mini mesh PVA bags. Another
spod mix was made up, the three rods
were back to the area, and I was sitting there ready and waiting. It was
quiet until the early evening when I
noticed there were a number of fish
cruising in the upper layers at short
range. Straight away I was firing out
some mixers just beyond the group of
fish, praying that the bird life, which
was thankfully up the other end of the
lake would not cotton on. After baiting steadily for around half an hour or
so, a couple of fish started swirling at
the mixers, and it was not long before
a group of fish were really taking


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