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the end. I was totally drained and
exhausted, but could not wait for the
next session. I had finished with a
total of 49 fish, including nine 30’s,
and I was truly amazed by the session. A few friends and a few other
bailiffs on the water came down and
congratulated me, as they had never
seen or heard of such a session. I
could not wait to get back.
It was not long before I was back
down, in fact it was only three days
on from the big hit, and I was back
down just for a 24-hour session.
Again the lake was generally quiet,
with only three anglers on, and as
expected one was in the Car Park
swim, although he had not caught
anything since I had moved out.
There was also one in swim 6, and
one in swim 9, so I had a lot of water
to choose from.
After sitting in the Pipes for around
half an hour watching the water, I had
seen a fish show in front of the island,
(Top) The two spods I like to use –
Skyliner for particle, and the Pocket
Rocket XL for boilies.
(Below) A nice brace when the bites
were coming thick and fast.
so I decided to take a walk up to the
island swims. Upon walking into the
island, I could see a large area of fish
fizzing in front at around 40ys range,
so that was my mind made u, and I
was back to the car loading the gear
onto the porter. I made my way round
to the island, setting up back from the
water, and quietly; this time with a
totally different approach to the last
time. I did not want to start spodding
and casting a marker about whilst
fish were in the area, so I cast three
small mesh bags onto the area where
the fish where fizzing. An hour or so
had passed, and I had not received a
bite, so I decided to reel one the rods
in and fine down the end tackle. I
changed to a short hooklink of around
5ins, and scaled down from a size 8 to
a 12 hook, fishing with a single grain
of fake corn on the hair, again with a
small bag, and this was cast back to
the area of fizzing. The scaling down
did not bring a bite either; the fizzing
had stopped, and I did not receive a
take. I decided to stay put anyway, as
there had been a number of fish
showing in the area, but I decided not
to spod, instead fishing small PVA
bags cast to showing fish. The day
passed quietly, and the evening came
around pretty quickly. I recast two
rods, and left one rod on the bank,
waiting for a fish to show.
Just as the darkness set in, one
showed at around 40yds in front of
me, so I quickly cast the bag to the
area where it had lumped out. The
fish were now showing constantly in
the area and crashing over the baited
rigs. Around 10.30 I had a couple of
bleeps on the single grain of corn
before it then ripped off into action. A
steady fight in the dark, and the fish
came into the margins before it went
on a run like nothing I had ever had
before. It just stripped line from the
reel, and I could do nothing with it
except hope the hook did not fall out,
which thankfully it didn't, and after
what felt like forever it was in the net.
I got the head torch, and when peering into the net was amazed to find
what looked another 30. The zeroing
of the scales was done, and a weight
of 34lb was confirmed. The run of fish
I was having was just incredible. After
a quick cuppa and a new rig, the rod
was cast back out. I brought one of
the other rods in that was on the
same bait as the previous week, the
Solar Club Mix, and changed it to the
same bait that had fooled that last
fish. After getting the rods all sorted, I
watched the water for a while before
getting my head down. The night didn't bring any more takes, and the
morning period was unusually inactive. I have noticed whilst fishing
Sandhurst that the best times for a
bite are certainly late evening, and


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