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bank, therefore since this I am always
cautious when it comes to line lay.
Meanwhile, back on Sandhurst, I had
slackened the line right off, and lay
the rod on the floor, sitting next to it.
Around ten minutes passed when a
few bubbles started hitting the surface around the hookbait, and the line
began to twitch. It was not long after
when the rod bent round and I was in
to a fish – and boy, did it go. Whereas
I thought it would head for the snags,
it didn't; it just ran straight out into
open water. I knew it was a good fish
straight away by the bow waves in
the shallow water as it ploughed out
from the margins. I played the fish
back from around 50yds out in open
water, and it went like a demon
through the margins where I had
hooked it. After seeing it roll I knew it
was another good’un, and I was praying it didn't fall off, but thankfully it
didn’t, and it was soon in the net. My
friend Aaron who had been on the
island heard the commotion, and
came over to have a look. I knew deep
down it was a lump, and when we
lifted it onto the, we mat recognised it
as the Friendly Linear.
I was gob smacked at the run of
luck I was having, and the stamp of
size of fish I was catching, especially
considering the last three out of four
had been 30's, and three in a row on
my last session.
Knowing this was a 30, it was now
11 30’s in my last five nights’ fishing,
and on a water I had only seen for the
first time the week before. After dousing the fish down with water, we
weighed it, and the scales spun round
to reveal the biggest I had caught
from the venue so far at a weight of
37lb exactly. I was like a kid again,
jumping up and down with excitement, as I had made myself a target of
three of the mirrors I would like to
catch the most, and as there were so
many fish to get through, I was so
happy to catch one of them so
quickly. After doing the photos and a
few shots of me smiling like a
Cheshire cat, I returned the absolutely
stunning fish to the lake. I sat back
and just thought about what a truly
amazing place it was, how I had done
on there in the past few days, and
how kind it had been to me. I decided
I was going to stay on here for a while
now, as I had to with the way I had
been catching, and I wanted to do
some more time. I was hooked on the
place, and was already thinking about
the tactics for the rest of the season,
and how I was going to approach this
fantastic venue. The fact that it was a
busy water would be the only
downer, but I was ready to take on the
challenge, as I was so impressed by
the stamp and quality of the fish. Also
the bailiffs on the venue had been a
great help, and had made me feel very
welcome, although I did know a few
of them before fishing the venue,
which helped. I packed away a very
happy chappy, knowing I would be
back trying to tempt some more of the
fantastic fish that reside in Sandhurst.
Next time I will be looking at how
the rest of the year went, how I
approached the venue, the tactics I
used, and the challenges I was up
against, and also the most important
thing – the fish I caught along the
way. There is far too much to write
about for one month’s space, so until
next time…
Tight Lines, and keep on catching.
The stunning Friendly Linear at 37lb.


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