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In the early 90s, ASSO DI QUADRI, a
revolutionary reel monofilament with no
memory, redefined the quality standards
of the time in Italy and in many European
and non-European countries, providing
innovative performances. After more
than twenty years of experience in
monofilaments for sport and industrial
fishing, in the early 2000s Gruppo DP has
decided to diversify its business in the
areas of monofilaments for gardening
and agriculture, also applying to these
sectors its approach focused on the specialisation of products.
Gruppo DP crowned a collaboration
begun in 1988 with a commercial agreement for the exclusive distribution in
European and non-European countries
of the prestigious Japanese brand
TORAY, producer of top range monofilaments, thus integrating synergistically
Asso’s offer. The monofilaments PERLON made in Germany have become
part of Gruppo DP’s product portfolio in
sport fishing.
Gruppo DP and Fishing Lines
With its widespread distribution network
covering more than eighty countries and
consolidated industrial and commercial
partnership ties with leading operators in
the market, Gruppo DP is able to offer its
clientele a wide range of fishing lines,
specifically designed for sport, competitive, and professional fishing. The experience gained in more than eighty countries allows us to offer our clients specific
monofilaments for all fishing techniques
like trolling, surf casting, bottom fishing,
jigging, ice fishing, spinning, bait casting,
pole fishing, fly fishing, long lines, and
hand lines.
The GRUPPO DP works in the retail
market, where it distributes its products
under the ASSO brand, along with the
Toray and Perlon brands, and in the distributors market. With its own staff the
GRUPPO DP is therefore able to provide
client brand products (OEM), monofilaments on starter spools for spooling
frames, as well as all accessory products
and services (plastic spools, labels, packaging materials, preparation of graphics
for logos, trademarks, packing, and
advertising campaigns).


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