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really benefit from eating them all the time.
So we started researching into what carp
really need in order to help them grow into
healthy specimens and how to best utilise
this knowledge in the creation of bait specifically designed to feed them. We had the
beginnings of our first HNV bait, namely
Plumberry. Constructing an effective HNV
bait is not difficult in essence, however the
hard part is sourcing sustainable, effective
ingredients that are commercially viable to
In case you are unaware, some of the
ingredients that we and many top companies use in the construction of a bait are
incredibly expensive, but many are so good
at what they do that the price really is justifiable… just! Never skimp on quality; it
comes at a price for a reason! We began to
roll more and more bait as we and our friends
caught more fish, lots of fish and then big
fish. So many of our friends and their mates
have caught personal best fish using our
Plumberry that it was eventually nicknamed
“PB” for obvious reasons. That is something
that makes you feel very proud, happy and
content – knowing that YOUR bait IS really
good and that all the time and hard work has
come together.
Matt and I ultimately ended up having
another fishing trip away, and this year it
was Etang du Bois in France. Before leaving
for the trip, the crazy idea of turning our
hobby into a business was mentioned. I was
(as usual) sceptical at first, but after a few
beers on the boat and some pondering I
thought, why not? We had made a few popups for ourselves and the owner, and I
remember Matt taking a small ball of the
pop-up paste and making it into maize
shapes. I laughed and dismissed them as too
time consuming and why make them when
you can stick on a bit of the old faithful
flavoured plastic corn. But that is the very
reason he wanted to make them – the plastic
stuff is flavoured, some are impregnated with
flavour too, but their construction makes
them so dense that attractor leak-off after a
few hours submerged is dubious.
With the pop up mix maize leakage is
guaranteed; they will break down, so in the
event of a crack-off on the cast these bait
won’t permanently stay on the rig. If a fish
accidentally manages to consume these
pop-ups, they will gain nutrition from them
and more importantly be able pass them
through their tract. Did they work? You bet
they did, and I was proven very wrong. Our
friend had five fish that week to 64lb-plus!
Four of them fell to the pop-up maize. How
wrong was I? Oh well, you live and learn.
To this day, we have sold literally hundreds and hundreds of pots of them, and
they are one of our best sellers. Several companies have brought out similar products
now, but not like these little beauties. The
only downside to them is that they are all
handmade. You should see Matt’s fingers –
they’re literally corn/maize shaped nowadays! The pop-up mix we use at Nucleus
Baits has taken 20-plus years to perfect, and
due to this, our 15mm pop-ups will hold up
large hooks and heavy filaments with ease,
plus more importantly retain high buoyancy
and attractor leak-off.
We had to then invest in a large rolling
machine in order to make larger quantities
as the orders grew. Subsequently, the roundness of our freezer baits suffered slightly, but
some of our baits contain coarse ingredients
(notoriously difficult for machines to roll
well). We believe they are essential for the
bait’s effectiveness. So, today we both hold
down full time jobs and continue to build
Nucleus Baits at the same time. 19-hour days
are common, but neccessary. It comes with
the territory! We’ve learned to accept it.
Having recently moved to larger premises
this winter, we are now able to produce
larger quantities quickly and more comfortably than before,
and our friends and families have been so
helpful, kind and generous, so that without
them, Nucleus wouldn’t be where it is today.
Thank you, all of you!
Something worth mentioning is that we
currently do not produce shelf life boilies,
and this, we believe is for a very good reason.
Studies have shown that current preservative trends use ingredients to prevent mould
growth on bait that may be harmful to fish.
We have been working on various baits to try
and come up with something that is shelf
life, but at the same time safe for the fish.
Until we are 100% happy with a product,
we simply will not release it. Good things are
worth waiting for though, so watch this
space… n
Fish well!, Matt and Karl.


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