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Our Ethos
Based in West Sussex we are one of the UK’s leading
manufactures and suppliers of proven baits and feeds.
Aqua Dynamix’s ethos on Natural digests adds an edge to all the baits in the
range, we’ve all heard their on the naturals? Then why not use them?
These whole digests are pasteurised to stabilise the bacteria but harbour all
the “good” stuff. This process results in a liquid which is full of protein and
essential amino-acids which are amazing fish feeding triggers coupled with
our quality fish meals and secret flavours.
With all this we have created a staple food source, but more importantly
all our baits are nutritionally balanced and easily digestible, which is key in
becoming a natural part of the fishes diet.
We are proud to have had some top angling names developing
and tweaking our baits and feeds to ensure you the angler will receive
not only a top quality product but a bait that will and does catch fish,
after all this is what we are all trying to achieve!! We are always striving
to create these winning formulas to put more fish on the bank and stay
one step ahead. All our ingredients are of the finest quality Sourced
from the original supplier inc Norway and New Zealand, “we know
outstanding quality is paramount”.
2018 will also see the development of some new bait ideas and
possibly a new concept to bring something different to
the world of angling..
It’s the way we roll.
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