FREE LINE 03 - Page 38

Catch Report
Paula Marriott was chuffed to bits to land her first ever fish on
a local club water, as it was proving to be tricky. Her
perseverance prevailed – seven sessions of blanking before this
one graced her net, and at 25lb, caught with the help of
Castaway PVA foam nugget to protect the hook point of her
helicopter Ronnie rig.
Following a few freezing days with frost and half frozen lakes, Ryan
Went still decided to head out to a local club water thinking the fish
wouldn’t be to willing to feed. He went for bright single pop-ups on
a Ronnie rig, and it didn’t take long for these two fish to grace the
With a sudden hard frost, Ryan Went headed to a lake he knew had
aerators. After arriving, he spoke to a couple of anglers who had
been blanking, so he put out some of his Spomb mix and sat on it
for a while with nothing happening. With the rain pouring down, he
decided to reel in and move on the one and only fish to show. A
couple of Spombs over the top, and it didn’t take long for the right
hand rod to burst into action, and he eventually landed this upper
double (maybe low 20 at a push). But on a hard winter day, size
does not matter, and he was the only person to catch out of six
anglers on the lake!!
Here is Paul Hayman and a couple of pics of his recent capture on a
holiday in Thailand. This was his final day of the trip. He caught his
other targets of the trip, i.e., arapaima, red tails etc, and his one
final target wish was a big carp. Having had carp of 65lb and 68lb he
really wanted a big one to complete the trip. During the day he
caught red tails, a spotted sorubim, pacu, and tilapia before he got
the take he was looking for at about 4:30, which turned out to be
the carp in the pictures estimated at about 95lb – what a way to
end the trip!


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