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Diary of a Carp Addict
i all, well it’s great
to be back in BC; it
seems like years
since I last did any
writing for Rob. Big
Carp is a cult magazine, and one that my fishing buddies and I have read since it started. I
remember those earlier editions with
the Famous Five; they were very
exciting times in the fishing world,
and those articles in Big Carp were
inspirational. Many years later, I’m
still as keen as ever, and still angling
as often as I can. I’m fortunate to be a
position where I’ve made fishing my
life, and I would not change it for the
world. This season is proving to be
one of the best seasons I’ve ever had,
with some cracking fish off the top, as
well as on zigs (and I just love floater
fishing). Already this year I’ve managed to fish about eight different
waters. To bring you up to date with
this years angling, I’ll have to start
from the beginning of the year and
then squeeze it all into two parts, so
here we go!
Following Christmas I made a few
visits to Sandhurst to try to get a bend
in the rods and get some enthusiasm
(Top) Blue Pool.
(Below) Blue Pool 30 off the top in
for the new year ahead. You know
what it’s like; the weather is crap,
freezing cold and raining all the time,
and it’s the hardest time to get motivated. But I’d heard that Sandhurst
was ‘fishing its tits off’ with some
amazing fish being caught. That’s
enough to whet anyone’s appetite! I
did two trips and caught some cracking fish to almost 30lbs – a good kickstart to the year ahead. In fact I
enjoyed it so much I’ve planned a trip
this coming October with nine mates.
We’ve booked the whole lake, and I
almost can’t wait for that session –
should be a good one.
Sometime back I had a ticket on
Wellington Country Park, a real big
fish water. Andy Pye the fishery boss
mentioned that if I ever wanted to
‘guest’ it to give him a call. Andy is a
top guy, and after a quick call in late
March I got permission to go over for
session. Welly can fish really well any
time of year, and as I’d previously
caught a 40lb’er from there in January
I was keen as mustard to get over
there again and wet a line. On arrival,
the conditions were very poor, with a
freezing wind making the lake feel
bleak and uninviting. Ian Poole was
there, having fished the previous


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