FREE LINE 03 - Page 66

Diary of a Carp Addict
night with no action, news which
only made my confidence drop lower.
I set up next door to Ian in a swim
that would allow me to cast to an
island channel. It was a fair chuck at
around 100yds, but it looked a likely
spot to ambush any active patrolling
fish. Surprisingly a quick cast around
with my marker revealed a large
amount of weed, so the only way to
fish it effectively would be to use the
ever-dependable ‘chod’ rig. Well, the
next morning revealed that Ian had
endured yet another blank night, and
had started packing up. Despite my
chod rig confidence, I also failed to
I started scanning the island margins for signs of fish activity, and
spotted some movement just off an
overhanging bush. Having spooled up
with 15lb Nash XT Bullet line I was
finding it difficult to accurately hit the
distance with the strong crosswinds.
After many failed attempts the wind
suddenly dropped for a few seconds,
so I quickly recast, and the hookbait
dropped bang-on, just off the bush.
Ian had seen the bait land and gave
me the nod of approval. My confidence was back again! As I held the
rod, slowly sinking the line, the spool
started spinning – I couldn’t believe
it, I was in! The fish kited from left to
right but after a lively and protracted
scrap, I landed a lovely 25lb 14oz mirror, and Ian kindly did the photos. I
carried on watching the island for
signs of fish over the next few days,
and each time I spotted the telltale
signs, I immediately cast to it. This
tactic produced a number of fish
including mirrors to just under 35lb, a
35lb 14oz common, and three
20lb’ers. The chod rig worked perfectly; in fact I would go as far to say
that I probably wouldn’t have caught
with any other rig. The successful bait
was the ever-dependable Tutti Frutti,
an awesome bait that seems to catch
instantly wherever it’s used. Meanwhile, my other two rods were start-
(Top left) Welly – whacking to the
(Top right) Welly – fish on the drop.
(Left) Welly, and one in the net.


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