FREE LINE 03 - Page 68

Diary of a Carp Addict
both caught a few. The first night produced a few takes around the lake,
and I managed a couple of 20s to 23lb,
both caught on maggots close in the
margins. The margins on my bank
were deep and crystal clear, and further down the lake to my right there
were no anglers, and I felt sure there’d
be a good chance to stalk maybe one
or two. I had a look around the lake,
staying well away from the water’s
edge, creeping into likely looking
areas on the lookout for some feeding
carp. Despite it being practically winter conditions, I found some carp
milling about just under the surface,
and I saw one fish suck in a piece of
floating debris. They certainly looked
up for a floater, but my surface gear
was at home in the shed – after all,
who would expect to go floater fishing in March?
I rummaged through my rucksack
and found some suitable hooklink
material and some size 10 hooks.
Having borrowed a rod and some
floaters, and after cobbling everything
together, I was more or less ready. I
started drifting a few freebies down to
my left to see how the fish would
respond, and as soon as the bait
reached the fish, they started to slurp
the odd one in. My heart was pounding in my chest – one way or another
I was going to catch some fish! I carefully drifted a hookbait towards the
carp, but the main line was quite
thick and badly twisted, which immediately put the fish on their guard. I
persevered for a few hours, and
although I had them really scoffing
the freebies, those crafty fish knew
they were being angled for, and stubbornly continued to reject my hookbait. In desperation I had another
rummage through my gear, and found
an old spool containing 30-40 yards of
10lb Bullet mono. Hopefully, it would
be just enough. I re-spooled with the
lighter material and tied up a stealthier hook link. Using a black marker
pen, the fluorescent red tip of the controller was rendered black. I felt much
happier with my new presentation,
but by then it was late afternoon and
(Top left) Wellington – back she goes.
(Top right) Father and son into one
(Below) Father and son brace.


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