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Emergency power supply for homes, caravans, boats or recreational
purposes with use with smartphone, TV to fridge, is portable, compact
and user friendly. The VOLTZ Solar Generator System is a one of a kind
Triple output off-grid system, capable of providing 5v, 12v and 230v
from an ultra-light lithium battery. Coupled with the 40w Sun power
solar Panel, VOLTS has the ability to provide 24/7 power whenever you
need it. Small enough to fit in your kit but powerful enough to run a 60
TV for 8hrs, there really is nothing like it! Voltz is fully protected with
built-in battery and inverter management meaning you don’t have to
worry about overloading the unit. Voltz will automatically switch the
power off when it detects no power draw on the 12v and USB outputs.
Weighing only 1.5kg and capable of powering anything in your kit
including bait boats.
Powapacs have taken a great product and made it better! We
developed our range of Powapacs and accessories using extensive
research and development over many years. Our products are
great for anyone who needs power anywhere, including fishing,
camping and the great outdoors, anywhere you can think off we
have a Powapac for you.
At PowaPacs we follow 3 simple rules,
1. The product has to be fit for purpose.
2. Simple to use and user friendly.
3. Value for money.
Powapacs have firmly established ourselves as one of the go to
companys for outdoor retraction and commercial portable power.
We pride ourselves on top quality products and superb customer
service and delivery. Our reputation speaks for itself and every
product is fully developed and tested before it is ever released for
sale. I’m a keen angler myself and have been in the armed forces
for 20-plus years, bringing knowledge and practicality to most
problems that we face in the outdoor environment. I love
customer feedback as this only helps to grow our brand and
develop even more advanced products. So if you like any of our
great kit and you would like to know more or need any help
please, just ask.
Our Mission
Remote, Duel Colour Bivvy light.
Containing ultra-bright LEDs, this remote controlled light is guaranteed
to brighten up your bivvy for maximum visibility, both inside and from
the local area. Compact, lightweight and portable, this lithium battery
operated LED light has THREE light modes and comes complete with a
remote control so that you
can switch it on or off from
the comfort of your sleeping
bag. It comes with a
magnetic strip, so you can
attach the light to your
metal poles and the supplied
lanyards mean that it can be
suspended from the top of
your roof giving the light
further reach.
We want to build the best boxes out there and for the best price
not only for Fishing but for anyone who needs 12 volt power
where there’s no access to mains. All boxes are made to order
and we aim to get your box produced within 5-7 working days. If
you need something sooner please drop us a line and we might
be able to help you out.
Lithium Duel Voltage 28Ah Powapac
Compared with traditional battery
technology, lithium batteries charge
faster, last longer, and have a higher
power density for more battery life
in a lighter package. Just ¼ the
weight of a traditional sealed lead
acid battery, our Lithium battery
packs will easily fit in a small carry
bag and gone are the days of
carrying heavy lead-acid batteries…
You won’t believe the difference!
This Powa pac can be recharged
from flat in five hours and with 500800 cycles the battery can last for
many years.
Hands free PIR Duel Colour Bivvy light.
Taking our extremely popular Bivvy light to the next level !
The Powalite+ uses the latest PIR technology and design features as
the most popular light on the market. Built to the same high standard
as our remote controlled Powalite this latest model is activated by
motion. With built in memory the Powalite+ remembers your colour
selection and brightness level and when it detects motion the light will
activate automatically. No more looking for the remote in the dark!
Powa Pacs contact details
For any information or questions regarding our Powa Pacs
and products please visit the website at, contact them via Email at or call on 0844 7981289.
You can also keep up to date with all the latest goings on with Powa
Pacs products and new releases via Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.


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