FREE LINE 03 - Page 70

Diary of a Carp Addict
I only had 20 mixers left. Talk about
now or never!
My newly found confidence was
instantly rewarded however as the
hookbait settled in amongst the free
offerings and was instantly gulped
down; the controller slowly pulled
under, and I was into a carp! The fish
immediately went deep and fought
for all it was worth. Because of the
light tackle, it proved to be a long and
exciting scrap, and after one or two
heart-stopping moments, a bigframed mirror slid in to the net.
Result! It was one of those memorable captures that will stay with me
for some time to have landed a 30lb
mirror in March and off the top to
boot! With only one night left I made
my way round to see how Barry and
his son Vinny were progressing. A
quick plumb in front of their swim
revealed a thick weedbed at 40 or so
y a r d s , a n d t h e l a k e w a s n ’t t h a t
weedy, so was an obvious area that
the carp would be patrolling. Barry
and his son flicked a rod each either
side of the weedbed with snowman
rigs and a few freebies around each. I
wandered off with my fingers crossed
for them, hoping they would catch.
The next morning as we were
(Top) Even Turkish caught one at Blue
(Below) Vinny with his personal best,
packing up the lake came to life; Barry
had caught one in the night, and I
could hear alarms from all over the
lake. Typical, I thought, just as you
pack up! I have to admit that by now
I’d had enough, having fished two
sessions on the bounce all I wanted to
do was get the last bit of tackle
loaded and get off. Just as I got the
last bit of tackle in my car I heard one
of Vinny’s rods go; at last he was in!
Vinny is a carping novice; he hasn’t
really caught many carp, but he
played that fish like a pro (his dad
must have been training him). As
Vinny concentrated on his playing his
fish his dad’s rod went rattling off, so
father and son both ended up playing
a carp at the same time. Magic! After
a good scrap both fish were on the
bank, and I took a brace shot for them
– Vinny had a 24lb mirror, Barry an
upper double. It couldn’t have turned
out better, and was a fine end to the
That brings us up to April, one of
my Colne Valley syndicate lakes had
just opened, and I’d been itching to
get over there. The previous year the
surface fishing had been excellent,
and as it was starting to get warm I
was dying to have a go. I patiently
waited for a couple of weeks to let the
season get underway and the


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