FREE LINE 03 - Page 71

Diary of a Carp Addict
(Left) Wellington 35lb 14oz
(Below) 32lb 12oz – Wellington.
weather just a little warmer. When I
finally turned up to fish this fairly long,
ten or so acre fishery, I noticed a nice
bay at one end into which the wind
was pushing. I was sure the carp
would turn up there at some point.
Throughout that day I kept visiting
the bay to see if they had arrived. My
mate Stuart was fishing on the opposite bank, so every time I checked the
bay I would carry on round to him for
a chat and then check it again on my
way back, I must have done this ten
times throughout the day without
seeing a fish, I and was starting to
wonder if they would turn up at all.
The day was getting on, but as I made
way back from Stuart I couldn’t
believe what I saw. Lazily drifting into
the bay was a long line of carp. That
was enough for me, and I was off like
a rocket to get my zig rod!
With no time to spare, I frantically
tied up a hook length and trimmed a
piece of cork with a pair of scissors to
the shape of a small barrel. The fish
were anything from a few inches to a
couple of feet under the surface in
about 8ft of water. My 7ft zig was cast
toward the entrance of the bay, an
ambush point that I was sure the fish
would soon drift past. Carefully and
gently I lay the rod on the floor and
crept back, well out of sight, and sat
silently watching as the carp continued to drift around. I was finding it
difficult to contain my excitement! I
sat there like that for a while, and
although I hadn’t noticed any rod
knocks, the line had tightened a little,
so I gently slackened it off a bit.
Another angler had stopped for a chat
and as we sat and talked my eyes
drifted between watching the water
and the line. Suddenly he exclaimed,
“Did you see that? Your rod tip just
pulled round.” As my eyes snapped
back to the rod I saw it pull round
again, and it had to be a bite! I pulled
the rod up high, and it was weeded
solid. The fish must have hooked itself


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