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Diary of a Carp Addict
rod higher and moved the weed a little this massive common came into
view. Unbelievably, I still had a fish
on. That other fish must have been
just sitting there on the bottom with
his mate who was wrapped up in a
ball of weed – how mad is that? As
Stuart stripped the weed from the
lead, and the carp caught sight of me
and went mental under the rod tip. I
had to be so careful as there were a
few snags close to my left, and I wasn’t going to lose it now after all this.
After a hard, close-in battle and some
heart-stopping moments, I landed
one of the most beautiful fish in the
country, the Black Common – it’s
such a cracking carp. Stu helped with
the weighing and photos, with the big
girl weighing in at one ounce under
40lb; a new zig caught PB, and a great
day’s fishing. I love carp angling.
It’s the end of April now and typically for April it had been raining on
and off for days, which was a bit of a
nightmare, because Garry Bayes, Jon
McAllister, Dave Levy and I were over
on location at Kevin Nash’s, filming a
product DVD. For those of you who
don’t know, Kevin has two lakes on
his land, two very special lakes with
carp to monster proportions. The first
lake is called the Copse Lake, where
Kevin made his DVD. I stood up on the
high bank behind the lake looking
down on the carp that swim in it,
along with Jon McAllister, and we
were just blown away with what we
saw. I don’t know just how long the
carp have been in the lake, but Kevin
told me the secret to growing big carp
is neglect and nutrition. In the Copse
Lake I think there are approximately
21 fish, of which 20 are over 40lbs.
That is some stock, and I’m told at
least eight are over 50lbs, with the
two biggest at 60lb-plus – unbelievable! The bigger lake, which is set further back, is a lovely looking, very
overgrown water with two islands,
lots of weed and god knows what in
there. Dave Levy had fished it before
and caught carp to 50lb. Both lakes
had just been left alone to let nature
take over and with no angling pressure these fish have grown into mon-
(Top) 30lb 15oz Colne Valley water.
(Left) Black Common, Colne Valley


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