FREE LINE 03 - Page 74

Diary of a Carp Addict
(Above) 39lb 15oz recently caught on
a zig. Colne Valley water.
(Below) Colne Valley lake 32lb.
sters. The bigger lake was where we
were scheduled to start filming for a
few days, and luckily fishing – what
an opportunity! We split up into the
four corners of the lake and set up.
There weren’t any swims as such,
and the grass was high and soaking
wet with drizzle. It was also quite cold
for the time of year.
We were spaced out fairly well on
the lake, giving us plenty of scope. To
the right of the island opposite me
was a nice channel in the weed with
firm clay bottom and about 6ft depth,
a good ambush area as they followed
the contour of the island. I found two
other nice spots, and went about getting the rods out. I fished my normal
snowman rigs, as I’m sure apart from
the abundance of natural food source,
they must have had a good diet of
quality bait. With that in mind I put a
fair amount of boilies, maggots and
hemp to really get them digging
about on food sources, some of which
would seem natural, and others that
perhaps they’d never had before. The
filming was set to start the next
morning, giving us a chance to settle
in and maybe even catch a fish or two
– well, you would think it would be
like Billingsgate on a lake like that. I
saw a few fish early evening, but
throughout the night not a bleep, and
I was even more amazed to find no
other fish had been caught. I could
hardly believe it; maybe it was going
to be very hard.
The morning was nice and sunny,
no rain for a change, and on the other
bank I heard Johnny Mac’s alarm
burst into life, so I quickly wound in
and ran round. Dave was already by


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