FREE LINE 03 - Page 76

Diary of a Carp Addict
his side, and John’s rod was hooped
round into its full battle curve. The
margins in John’s swim were very
weedy, and the fish had soon managed to bury itself in amongst it all.
This calmed the fish down, putting an
end to the struggle and soon the carp,
weed and all slid into the net. John’s
fish was a beautifully marked 30lb
mirror, a fantastic fish, and the cameraman was already set up and ready
to go, so the days filming began.
Through the day we all had various
bits of filming to do as the cameraman made his way around the lake. I
had done mine and the camera team
was with Dave Levy. It was now late
afternoon; I had been fishing some 28
hours without a bite, and I started to
think we weren’t going to catch too
many. The rain had started again, and
Dave and John came round to my
swim for a chat. Just as they arrived
my channel rod bobbin pulled all the
way to the top and dropped back
down again. We all looked at it, and
commented that we thought it was a
liner, just as it pulled the line out of
the clip and started stripping line off
the spool. “Fish on” went the shout
across the lake to the camera crew,
who were right around the other side
of the lake. The fish was very powerful, and demanded line as and when it
wanted, until it managed to find a
thick weedbed, which was a result
really, as it gave me a bit of time to
think. I could feel the fish all the time
kicking and turning, and because of
this continuous movement I was able
to keep gaining line. The camera crew
had arrived as I slid a big leathery
carp in to the net. I had banked one
and felt relieved, as I didn’t want to go
home having been given the opportunity to fish here and not catch one.
This made some good filming for the
DVD, and a chance to use all the products. The carp was a near leather, and
weighed in at 39lb-plus. We slipped
her back, and I got changed into some
more dry clothes for about the third
time. Happy with my catch, I got the
rods all sorted for the night ahead,
which sadly had to be my last night,
as I had some other commitments to
(Top) Kevin Nash checks one of his
(Below) Jonny Mac with a nice 30.


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