FREE LINE 03 - Page 78

Diary of a Carp Addict
(Left) Levy 35lb 5oz.
(Below) 39lb leather for the camera.
awake and watching the lake. Dave
also turned up as I was well into battle with another beast of a carp. After
the initial stripping of lots of line, the
carp went from weedbed to weedbed,
and slowly, a bit at a time, I made
gains until it was rolling on the surface somewhere in front. As it slid
into the net, Dave and Jon both stuck
their heads in to have a look. I was
further back, and all I could hear was,
“It’s lump mate, it’s a lump!” Music to
my ears. We got everything ready and
weighed the carp using the tripod.
The scales registered at 46lb; it was a
beast of a fish, and it was only a short
time ‘til morning, so I waded out and
sacked the carp in deep water, then
paced up and down until daybreak.
Everyone gathered to see the fish,
and once again we had some more
good footage for the DVD. Garry
Bayes informed me that the 46lb’er
was one that was stocked at 15lb, and
Dave Levy said that three years ago
there were three fish that all looked
like Sandhurst’s Nige’s Fish or the
Friendly Linear that were all pushing
49lb-plus, and there could be at least
eight or nine 50’s in the lake. Then it
was time for me to go; I was over the
moon with my catch, and the chance
to fish such a water. Those carp
weren’t exactly a pushover though;
the other guys, including Gary Bayes
all fished another night with no more
bites. When I had my last fish on the
mat, I did notice that it was passing
maggots… I wonder?
That brings me to an end for this
month’s diary piece. Next month I’ll
pick up from where I left off, with May,
which provided a great time back
over on my Colne Valley lake, surface
and zig fishing, and of course catching a target 40lb’er over at Cleverly
Mere, not to mention getting an original from Horton at the start of the season, so plenty there I reckon! Well, I
hope you have enjoyed reading this
and that I’ve not droned on for too
long. Right, now my gear is packed,
and I’m off after mid-40.


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