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Diary of a Carp Addict
It’s the month of May, and floater
and zig time. After catching the Black
Common on a zig earlier from the
Colne Valley water, I was keen to get
back and try my luck again. On my
arrival at the lake it was perfect zig
and floater conditions, the weed was
already well established, and as I
walked round the lake I could see
from the margins out that it was solid,
but not yet on the surface – that
would be later in the summer. The
carp were loving it, and in front of one
swim in particular they looked well up
for it. I immediately fired out a pouch
of mixers, and wasted no time in
assembling the floater rod. I love
floater fishing – it’s such a buzz. Big
sets of shoulders kept breaking the
surface a few feet above the weed,
and started bow waving about. Once
the first one took a mixer, they just
continued to bow wave up and down
slurping down the mixers as they
went. I was gagging to cast, but I
really wanted to get them going. A
few more pouches, and I could not
restrain myself any more. I cast way
past the fish, and slowly drew it back.
The carp always seem so confident
when it’s weedy, and one thing was
for sure, it was going to be hard work
landing them.
There were some good fish on the
mixers now, and a bite was imminent.
It was still early, and the sun was now
up when a good fish targeted my
hookbait. It must have been vertical
in the water trying its hardest to take
in the bait, when eventually all hell
broke loose with a massive eruption,
and I was into one at last. I tried my
very best to keep the fish high in the
water, but it soon dived deep into the
weed, and I kept a steady pressure on,
as much as I dared on a size 10 hook
and 10lb hook length anyway. Once I
felt the fish kick about a bit, a little
pressure would get it moving again
for a while, and then once again it
would bury itself in the weed. And so
it went until it was in front of me, at
which stage it rose to the surface,
weed and all, and I saw it was a big
common as I netted the whole lot.
Fantastic! I had not been there that
long, so what a good start to the day.
And as I looked in the net the fish
looked massive, at least an upper-30. I
shouted to a friend, Neil, who was
fishing a little further along, and he
came to help and do the photos for
me. On the scales I was amazed, as
this fish was huge and looked nearer
40 than mid-30. That’s not me being
ungrateful in any way; it was just a
very big-framed carp. With the photos
done, I slipped the big old common
back, and tied up a new hook length.
All the time I had been playing that
one, they were still taking what was
left on the surface, so I put some mixers out, and soon they were back.
That morning I managed another 32lb
common, and lost one in the weed.
As the day progressed, the wind
started to pick up, and that made the
floater fishing hard, so as the fish were
still about, I changed over to a zig.
This was much better, as I would be
able to keep my bait in one spot. I
used either a small trimmed-up piece
of cork, or a Nash Scopex Squid popup trimmed into a little barrel. It was
great, as I would see them show
around where I knew my zig was. The
fish were in groups and competitive,
36lber off the top.


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