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Diary of a Carp Addict
32lber off the top.
and all of a sudden the rod would just
rip for a short while, with a big boil on
the surface, and then they would dive
straight into the weed. I lost the first
one, as I just could not get it moving
from the weed, but luckily I hooked
another, and managed to land this
one – another huge common of 37lb.
With three nice 30s and a couple lost,
I had had a great day’s angling.
I was not too bothered about finding spots for the night, so I fished zigs
all night. It’s something I have not
done too often, and I thought even if
nothing happens during the night, at
least they will be out there at first
37lb caught on a zig.
light for when the carp turn up. The
night was as I expected – uneventful,
but I was woken by a screamer at
around 5am. Unfortunately I lost this
one, and as the fish were back I
started to get them going again on
the top, and reeled in the zigs. Only a
short while after casting, a big set of
shoulders was breaking the surface as
it made its way to my hookbait, and
took it. I had already decided to try to
get them in quick, so as not to let
them bury themselves in the weed,
and it worked. I played it in so fast
that the fish did not get a chance to
build up any momentum, and dive,
like the others, deep into the weed. I
did well in getting it in quickly, but
then it dived into some weed literally
under the rod tip, and all went solid. A
couple of anglers had turned up, and
were watching as I tried with no luck
to bring the fish up – I just could not
budge it. I had shorts on and decided
to wade out, as after all, it was so
close in. In the end I was stood right
over the fish up to my shoulders, and
I tried to scare it into swimming off by
pushing the landing net near it, but
still no joy. I tried everything, and I
knew it was still on, as every now and
then I would feel it move, and I would
gain a little line. All of a sudden, it
came to the top, and the crowd gave


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