FREE LINE 03 - Page 83

Diary of a Carp Addict
enjoying the spring sun.
I shinned up a small tree that gave
a good vantage point over the entire
channel, before I even got to the top I
was seeing fish sunning themselves;
a lot of the residents were all there,
and I started to feel glad that I came. I
had been told that the fish in Cleverly
rarely get caught on the surface, but
these fish looked very vulnerable, and
I raced back to the car, got some mixers, and climbed back up the tree.
There were some very good fish there,
and over to one side was a right lump.
I couldn’t make out which one, but I
had my suspicions it was Hendrix. He
was on his own away from the others,
so I put some floaters out, and the one
I thought was Hendrix got very nervous. It drifted even further away from
the others, and as it flanked I saw her
all her beauty, and confirmed it was
her. Well at least I had found her; she
was definitely on edge, and having
nothing to do with the others who
were now slurping in the odd mixer. I
really think I could have caught one
off the top, but it would have spooked
them all out. Hendrix was on edge
enough, and would have vacated the
area for sure, so instead I went and set
my gear up in the Bowls swim.
This swim has many good areas,
and I have caught fish from tight to
Cleverley 30.
the reeds to half way across in slightly
deeper areas of clay against
weedbeds. With so many options, I
decided to fish two rods over to the
reeds, and the third rod half way out
in the clay. I had done well on the
Nash Mutant Maize, just a single
grain, with a funnel web bag of maggots or pellet. This trip I opted for the
pellet bag the size of a golf ball, but
nothing else; these fish were educated, and I only offered them a
mouthful, so they had two choices –
eat it or don’t eat it. I can’t remember
what time it was now, but at some
time during the early evening, I had a
screamer on the half way rod in the
clay. A very good scrap followed, and
I was very pleased when I landed a
very nice slate grey mirror with very
The magnificent Hendrix.


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