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Diary of a Carp Addict
initely be having a look over at Ladywell, Ben’s other lake, where a cracking 40lb-plus mirror called Cluster
lives, and few others that I would love
to catch. As you may gather, I have
been having a great season so far.
Sometimes it all goes right, and I suppose a lot of it is just being in the right
place at the right time – something I
hope I can continue to do.
The next date I was waiting for was
the draw for the start at the season at
Horton Church Lake. I have fished
Horton on and off over the years, and
have caught some of the old originals
that reside there, some of the nicest
fish in the country, and every year I
like to pop back over and try my luck
for another one of the old ones. The
start of the season has to be my best
shot at catching one of the originals,
as it’s a time when they do get
caught. The days of the draw soon
arrived, and as usual I didn’t even get
a swim – something I seem to have
mastered over the years, and a real
nightmare, as I really fancied a go at
the start. I still decided to turn up and
set up on the Boat Pool with the hope
someone might pull off after a couple
of days, giving me a chance to get on.
My friend Glen thought along the
same lines, and we both went and set
up and had a bit of a social with the
lads on Horton. Another mate, Tony
Moulder, was very fortunate to come
out second in the draw, and was plotted up in One Up from the Plateau.
Funnily enough he came out second
last year, so something’s going on
All the lads settled in their swims
full of anticipation for the new season,
and I was sat with Tony enviously
taking in the atmosphere, just looking
out at the lake, especially the Plateau
area, as it was full of activity. I wished
I was putting the rods out, but never
mind I will enjoy watching the season
unfold. All the lads had cast out, and
Tony Glen and I saw the New Year in
with a few bevvies. The young lad in
the Plateau was getting lots of liners,
and it wasn’t too long before he
banked a mid-20 mirror, a fairly small
fish by Horton’s standards, but the
guy was well chuffed with his first
Horton carp. Then he followed that up
with the magnificent Thorpe Park
Common at a shade under 40lb, and
what a stunner! The lad was blown
away, and rightly so. Glen and I stumbled back to our swims on the Boat
Pool, and went to bed hoping someone would pull off. The next day Tony
had caught a couple of nice 30’s, and
was in good spirits when I turned up
at his swim for tea in the morning. It
was now Sunday, and Tony just came
out with, “Oh yeah, I’m off in the
morning, been summoned to work,
mate.” I couldn’t believe my bloody
ears, as Monday would be only two
days into the season, and I would be
in One Up from the Plateau. I felt like
a lottery winner – what a result!
The rest of the day and night could
not go quickly enough. Tony caught
another 30lb mirror, so he was happy
to go, at least getting three nice fish
under his belt. Glen was pacing
about, smoking loads of Bensons,
hoping for a swim, and then the unbelievable happened – the lad in the
Plateau was also contemplating
going home in the morning. I was
amazed – what was going on? Later
in the day the lad in the Plateau
caught a 40lb mirror, and sure enough
he went home Monday morning,
totally chuffed to bits, as was Glen.
Tony hung on as long as he could, to
the last possible second with his rods
in the water, and I don’t blame him, so
thanks for the opportunity, mate. So it
was only a couple of days in, with five
days ahead of me, and I was in a
prime swim. There were still lots of
bits going on in the Plateau area, fish
Tony with a 30lber.


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