FREE LINE 03 - Page 86

Diary of a Carp Addict
Horton common. My
second one from the pit.
pushing through the weed sending
up loads of bubbles, and groups of
fish could be seen cruising about just
under the surface. In seasons gone by
a nice yellow pop-up has done well in
this area. It seems the fish come in
groups, feed competitively, and that
little bit of yellow is enough to get a
carp to snatch at it. With this in mind
the last thing I wanted to do was start
plumbing the granny out of the swim;
Glen with one of three 30’s.
the carp were already here, so it was
just a case of putting the right thing in
the right area. And for this sort of
approach, I don’t think you can beat
the chod rig; it’s great for having that
peace of mind, knowing that even if
you were fishing in the weed, you
were at least still presenting a bait.
I can’t remember all the details of
that first day, but I do remember my
mate Glen’s continuous grin from ear
to ear, as he was in the number one
swim. I must just say I have known
Glen for a few years now, as he has
been a member of my syndicate lake.
He is a very good match angler, and
pretty much an all-rounder with some
massive 30lb-plus pike to his name,
but I think the carp fishing has been
the hardest species to crack for him,
maybe due to some of the waters he
has been fishing, and the time avail-


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