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Diary of a Carp Addict
able. Glen was still waiting to catch
his first 30lb’er, and he didn’t have to
wait too long, as later on I slipped the
net under the one they call the Big
Leather at 32lb, so as you can imagine, he was over the moon, and so was
I, especially as I’d said when he gets
his 30lb’er it will be his shout for the
Glen popped out to the shops,
picked up a few drinks to celebrate,
and ordered a pizza. It was a great
start to the session, and we had a
good old laugh, but not too loud…
Some time just before dark one of my
yellow pop-ups roared off, and after a
bit of a scrap I landed a 26lb common.
I don’t know which one, as they are all
named, but I was well chuffed, as it
was only my second common from
Horton. Later on Glen broke his PB
again with another mirror of 34lbplus, and he was loving it. I was fishing both my rods fairly close together
in an area that I had been seeing a lot
of activity, and during the night I
received a few liners, but no action.
I was up early, and had just started
to walk to the next swim when my
right hand rod broke into a one-toner.
Ash Bradley was next door and came
to assist. Its great when you hook a
Fingers 39lb
Horton carp, because you just don’t
know what you are playing; it could
be any one of them. This fish did the
usual kiting from side to side, but was
staying deep. I kept my concentration, and carefully played the fish in
until I had to walk back so Ash could
land the fish. As I lifted the fish onto
the mat I felt its weight, and it was
obviously a big fish. As I lifted it so
the others could read the scales, I was
not surprised when they read out 39lb
– a nice mirror by the name of Fingers. Ash did some nice shots for me,
and I was keen to get the rod back
out. There had been ten or more captures now since the start between our
two swims, and I did start to worry
that it would soon dry up. Fish were
still about, so while they were we had
a chance. I was more than happy with
my catch, but I still a few days left and
I wanted to make the most of it.
During the day I had a muck
around with zigs, and had a go on the
top to pass some time, as not much
was happening during the day, but
each evening Ash and I got them
going on the top with floaters, and
how we never caught one I will never
know, as a few times they were really
troughing them. I did manage to hook
a big grassie off the top that shot
straight over the plateau and snapped
my line, but it was all good fun. After
another quiet night, apart from Glen
catching a 26lb mirror, I was up early
again, watching, and take time was
slowly dwindling past.
I was seeing fish over my two rods,
so surely something would happen, I
was thinking, and before I knew it I
was stood with the rod held high in
its full battle curve as a good fish tried
for its freedom. This fish fought well,
especially in close, trying all the tricks
it knew to get off, but luckily for me I
managed to steer it over the net that
once again Ash so kindly held. As I
looked in the net I noticed it was a
dark, old-looking mirror with a few old
scars. The mat and bits were all
sorted, and we weighed her in at 34lb
8oz. I still wasn’t sure which one it
was, but it had to be an original. As
we were doing the photos, Del Smith
the lake boss turned up. “Well done,
mate,” he said. “That’s the Big Grey
you have – it took me ten years to
catch.” To say I was pleased was an
understatement; I had achieved what
I set out to do, and catch an original.
Ash did some great photos, thanks
mate, and she swam off strongly. All


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