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Israel or Sutton
(Right) 22lb 8oz from Wraysbury. Not
huge, but my God, how gorgeous can
you get? English fish rule!
(Below) James with a recent 30. The
next one a mid-40?
dreams then of some day digging out
the rushes and stalking round the
margins, hunting down my own carp
on a summer’s afternoon. It seems
some 30-odd years later the dream
will become a reality, as two ponds
have fallen in my lap for development
into fisheries. There is little doubt an
astute businessman whose motivation was money would now tackle
what lies before me in a different way
to the direction that I am now heading. The fact is that to turn these
lakes, which have been untouched for
more years than I care to imagine, into
a thriving fishery requires dedication,
imagination, lots of cash, and some
seriously hard work. But what has to
be the priority for somebody who
after all lives and sleeps fishing day in
day out? The fish, of course!
I recall when we started Angling
Intelligence being horrified at some of
what I found going on behind the
scenes in the industry, to the point
that I almost wished I had never
driven the project forward. Delving
into the world of commercial fisheries
and fish farming has been a similar,
although now battle-hardened, so not
so traumatic experience. The decision-making processes that now
manifest themselves are clear. Stock-
ing big fish will make more money
quickly, and make the business is very
viable, very quickly. There are several
key issues here. There are several
highly reputable fish farmers that


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