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Israel or Sutton
(Left) A bit of lily-thinning required!
(Below) James Turner with a proper
me. Aside from the fact I would never
be able to look Ruth in the face again,
and they could decimate the fishery, it
would just be the destruction of my
dream as I see it. The business may
take a while to grow, along with the
carp, but I am like a child again at the
prospect of stocking some small thoroughbred Leneys into my specimen
lake. I don’t care how long they take
to grow, or how big they get; I have
often said I wouldn’t swap one Leney
for a thousand garlic munchers, and I
have just had the chance to prove it.
You may ask if I was tempted. Well,
for the reasons explained above I
most definitely wasn’t. In a few years’
time my fishery will be as I dreamed it
as a kid, not have a load of foreign or
over-bred lab rats swimming around
in it. The waters are rich, and with
some sensible stocking, big enough
for the carp to grow very large. I can
however see how others are tempted,
especially when looking at what the
majority of the modern day angling
public are looking for, and how much
of their hard earned cash they are prepared to part with for the chance of a
new PB. I will provide them with the
chance of that new PB, but it will just
take a little bit longer. One thing is for
sure though, when you catch that
30lb linear it will be a pukka carp
grown to its environment in natural
surroundings, and you will have
earned it. Do you know what my
biggest problem will be? Seeing them
getting caught. I will be like that overprotective dad! I often laugh at the
seemingly daft fishery rules, and
whilst many of them are exactly that,
daft, I really do now sympathise with
the owner who is just trying to look
after his hard earned prize possessions. I will return to the lakes again
in a future article no doubt. I just
wanted to impart how easy it would
be to seriously get your stocking
wrong for the sake of a quick buck,
both in terms of the temptation to
overstock and also to acquire seriously dodgy fish. Each to their own I
guess, but I for one will be keeping it
I have had loads of comments
about the picture I used from the
Thames in the last edition of the mag.
The only person to make more comment was the wife, who was seriously
unimpressed. The truth is, the two
young ladies were walking past with
their boyfriends at 1am after a night
on the town. It screamed off as they


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