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arch 2nd 2018 sees the launch
day of a brand new tackle
company to the industry
‘ABILITY Tackle’ and the dream of two
long time angling friends Nick & Lewis
and an idea they have wanted to pursue
for almost as long. Nick & Lewis have
finally made the leap of faith and pushed
forward with the idea to make it a reality.
The name however was not decided
until very recent and after lots of time
sitting planning and drafting their ideas
of what they wanted from their own
tackle and what they wanted to
ultimately bring to the market, they
decided they
needed to make
sure anything they
offered was
relevant and useful
for all ABILITY of
anglers both new
and experienced,
hence came the
creation and final
piece to the
Initially it was a long a drawn out process and they began
ordering samples from china as most companies do, and
found a boring and generic pattern that everything was the
same; not what they wanted! Where to start? They started
with the hook range….. The ‘Ability Chod’ hook was first,
and they tested probably thirty different manufacturer’s
hook samples and came up with the same answer, NO, for
each and every one. They then addressed the issue they
thought was needed and a simple change to the angle of
the eye, so it becomes more aggressive, implementing only
a 2 degree adjustment, for them
the pattern was perfect, they then
sourced some of the highest
quality Japanese steel and had
the ‘Ability Chod’ hooks created,
with a chemically sharpened hook


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