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Summer of Sam
thick across the back, but once I
turned him over I saw he had no
depth to him at all, but I was still surprised he only went 28lb.
I repositioned the rod, but I didn’t
tie up a solid bag – instead I had premade a couple of stick mixes, which
were more like ball mixes because I
didn’t have the proper kit! The whole
stick mix revolution of a few years a
go had passed me by completely. I
don’t fish runs waters very often so I
couldn’t see the point of what I
thought was just a quick bite tactic.
But in this instance it did the same
job as the solid bag; it stopped tangles, and if the rig clipped the bank of
weed near the spot then the hook
wouldn’t get caught up. And it was
quicker than messing about with
solid bags! I then topped up the swim
with a few spodfuls of boilies. The
bait I’m using is The Edge from Aqua
Dynamix. I have been developing the
bait myself over the last 18 months
and took the mix with me when I
changed sponsors in the spring. We
have developed it further with
Dynamix, incorporating the Mussel
Digest that’s produced in the same
way as in their existing baits the
Worm, Maggot and Oyster. I’m sure
this and other additions have
enhanced the bait further.
By the time I sat back down again
it was gone midnight, and it must
have been after 1am before I nodded
off to sleep. I always have trouble
sleeping after a capture. Less than
two hours later I was woken from my
deep sleep by an absolute one-toner,
and the clutch on the reel was fizzing
as fast as I have ever seen it. Clamping down on the spool and bending
the rod into the fish seemed to have
little effect, as the fish carried on running. The fish put up a good scrap,
and a few minutes later I managed to
get him wallowing on the surface
within 20 yards of the bank, and I
thought the fight was drawing to a
close. But then the fish erupted,
breaking the silence of the still night
with a very heavy audible thrash, as it
turned and powered off towards the
corner of the lake. Even though the
water was deep, the fish stayed on
the surface creating a huge furrow in
the moonlit water as he ripped line
from my firm clutch. The fish must
have taken 50 yards of line before I
managed to turn him and slowly
usher him back towards me, only for
him then to tear off in another direction. All the time he stayed on the surface emitting loud thrashing booms
every time he turned, just to let me
know I was connected to a good fish.
After what must have been a 25-30
minute fight, I managed to engulf him
in the net. I quickly grabbed my head
torch, shone it into the net, and saw a
deep bodied, scale-perfect common
lying there. On the scales he was 35lb
2oz and he looked stunning as I held
him up for the camera in the dawn
I was all packed up at 10am to get
home at dinnertime. The kit was on
the barrow, the alarms were off and
the Stows (bobbins) were stowed
away when the right hand rod
whipped round and another carp was
hooked. I had to shout for assistance
to unpack my chesties so the fish
could be netted, and after a bit of
trouble with fish getting stuck in the
bistort, Craig did a fantastic job with
the net and scooped the fish up as it
made a bid for the weed again. This
fish was nowhere near as good-looking as some of the others; it was a
pale linear with a broken back. Some
people might say it was a bit of a
character, but I’m not so sure.
I wound in the left hand rod to find
it tangled. I was a bit lazy repositioning it in the night because a couple of
miscasts meant I had run out of stick
mix so I just cast it back without, and
that’s when the tangle must have
occurred. Also the middle rod had a
double figured bream sitting on the
end, which had managed to kite me
into a thick weedbed without giving
me a bleep! I even had to get the boat
out to get it free. That made me wonder how many fish I could have
banked if those two rods had been
fishing properly! But I wasn’t complaining, as I was starting to get
amongst the fish and learning a lot
about the water in the process.
Things really fell into place over the
next couple of sessions, but I have run
out of space this month so I’ll write
about that in next month’s issue. n
(Left) Not so much a stick mix – more
of a ball mix, but it did the job.


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