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Elstow Season 2009
My first three-day midweek session
a difference when playing fish for a
would like to dedicate this
was towards the end of March. It
long time.
article to the memory of my
wasn’t our rota so a couple of the
The other change was to the mainmum who sadly passed away
other lads and I had to do a mini draw
line. I had been using Gold label 16lb
in August 2008. As some of
for swims. As is normally the case, I
Pro Clear and although I had found it
you may be aware from my
put my hand in the hat and drew out
to be a bloody good line, I felt that it
previous articles I was actunumber three, which meant I was last
was time for a change.
ally fishing down the bottom end of
again. It wasn’t so bad though, as I
In a few of the magazines I had
the lake when I got a phone call from
still managed to get into my favourite
been reading about fluorocarbon
my sister informing me that our mum
swim. This meant that all four of the
main lines, so I decided to opt for one
had died. Mum had been diagnosed
swims situated in the middle of the
in 14lb breaking strain. It took a little
with a condition called motor neurone
lake were taken. After having a couwhile to get used to the reels and the
disease in May 2008, and less than
ple of casts with the marker rod I
fluorocarbon line but I could see
three short months later she was
found the spot I wanted to be fishing
straight away that the line was doing
gone. My mum had sat me down a
on, and it was good to feel that the
what it said on the tin (sinks like a
few weeks after being diagnosed with
area was a little cleaner than it had
stone). Once the rods were cast out
her condition and asked me what I
been on a previous session. This sugand a few metres of slack was paid
was going to do once everything was
gested to me that either the area had
out it looked as if you were using back
sorted out. I knew what she was askbeen fed on by carp or that maybe the
leads, as the line was hanging
ing but I told her to stop it. But Mum,
tufties had had a free meal. I opted to
straight down from the tip ring. At the
being the person she was asked me
fish the three rods with 14mm poptime it made a lot of sense to me as I
again and it was with tears running
ups tipped with mini plastic corn,
was fishing a long way down the
down my cheeks that I gave her my
fished line-aligner style. These were
back of some of the features I was
answer. I said, “Mum, I’m going to
attached to long hook lengths and
fishing to and I felt that with the new
take a year out and just fish – put the
cast out to the marker float in about
line this would help in ensuring that
last two years of learning to the test
14ft of water. Roughly half a bucket of
everything was pinned down. I was
and fish my bloody socks off.” Well,
my spod concoction was spodded out
also hoping that it would help elimiher hand came up and she laughed
to the area and after getting this done
nate some of the liners that I had
and said, “Good for you, son. Just
I set about getting the rest of the
experienced in the past. The combienjoy yourself.” Eventually, I had to
camp sorted out. The rest of the day
nation of the Sticky Baits bloodworm
clear what I had said to my mum with
soon passed, but just on dark I caught
pellets and another type of pellet that
my wife Sam, and quite a few months
a glimpse of what I thought was a
most people use on this lake lets you
later, and after a little chat, she had
carp a few metres to the right of
know when you have carp in the area
agreed with the idea. Well, as long as
where the rods were. I didn’t receive
as they slick up when the carp are
it was only three or four days a week,
any liners during the course of the
but I had to be at home for the weekends. Did I enjoy myself?
This is my year on Elstow
and another lake I had a dabble on…
After renewing my ticket
for the new season, which on
this particular lake runs from
January 1st until December
31st I had managed to do a
few overnighters and a couple
of the weekend rotas, but due
to the very cold snap we had
at the tail end of the last season and the continuing cold
weather, I was struggling and
couldn’t for the life of me
locate the carp let alone catch
a one. I had also made some
changes to the setup I had
been using during the previous couple of seasons. The
Shimano Long Cast reels had
been retired and replaced
with Daiwa Basiairs, and the
difference in weight with
these toys is just incredible.
They don’t make you fish any
better, but they certainly make 25lb 12oz – at last I managed to catch my first carp of the year.


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