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Elstow Season 2009
40lb 4oz – the confidence level went up after the last carp, then this one came along, my tenth English forty pounder.
night, but come first light I had a savage liner on the middle rod. It was
then that a few little oily slicks started
to appear on the surface of the lake.
It is always a nervous time when
you’re waiting for your first fish of the
year, but I was fairly confident that
something was going to happen. I
was looking down at the rods trying
to will one of them to rip off, when the
hanger on the middle rod went up to
the top and the tip was pulling round.
Running down the bank to the rod
and picking it up soon had me connected to a carp, and a few minutes
later I was returning my first carp of
the year to the lake. It had spun the
needle on the scales round to 25lb
12oz, and I was really happy, as it had
seemed like bloody ages since my last
fish. Things were looking good for
another chance at some point as the
area was still slicking up now and
again. The rod that I had the fish on
was cast back out to the area. I left
the rods out till mid afternoon but no
further action came my way. The rods
were wound in and fresh baits
attached before casting them back
out to the spot. A further fifteen spods
of the mix was spodded out to the
area. Just as it was getting dark little
slicks started to appear on the surface
of the lake indicating to me that there
may be a chance of some further
I got some dinner on the go and
enjoyed a bloody good curry followed
by a nice cup of tea and a ciggy. I was
only half way through the cup of tea
when my right hand rod’s alarm went
into meltdown mode, screaming at
me for some attention. The carp in
this lake never cease to amaze me.
Even after dumping the lead on the
take the fights are just incredible;
they power off the features and go
into the deep water either side and
just keep going. This carp was no different; you do all the hard work and
get it in the margins and off they go
again – the bloody things are incredible. I must have had this fish on the
surface on four occasions ready for
netting when it just dived back down
into the deep margins, which have
got to be fourteen to sixteen feet
deep. The next time it came up to the
surface I gave it everything, and with
a bit of luck it went into the net. After
getting everything ready for the
weighing and photos I retrieved my
prize from the waiting landing net
and could tell that it was a bit of a
lump. Then it was into the weigh
sling and up onto the scales, which
settled at 40lb 4oz – hooray, a bloody
fantastic beastie. A few pictures were
taken before slipping her back into
the lake. I was hopeful of some more
action during the remainder of the
session, but this didn’t happen and I
packed up on the Thursday morning
well happy with the way things had
My next session was a threenighter a couple of weeks later, and I
was back in my favourite swim. I
would love to tell you that I caught a
few carp, but this was not the case
and I blanked. Still, not to worry, as
the bait I had put out would hopefully
be eaten and so the spot should be a
tad cleaner the next time I fished
there. I didn’t fish for the next couple
of weeks, as we as a family went up to
Scotland to scatter my mum’s ashes.


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