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The Big Carp
Rotary Letter
Here are the questions in brief that you the readers emailed in
following the last issue. Don’t forget to email any further
questions to
This month Sean Leverett, Ed Betteridge and Rob Maylin give their
answers, and Dave Lane, Jon McAllister and Lee Jackson will respond in
issue 187.
1) A. Williams from Coventry: How do you determine the height of
the weed in your swim?
2) J. Scott from Blackburn is having problems with foul smelling silt
ruining his bait after an hour.
3) M. McDonald from Harefield: Crayfish nightmare, any
4) L. Smith from Yateley: Moon phases… Is it all bollocks or is there
something in it?
5) S. Wright from Rickmansworth: Sponsored anglers – should we
listen to their advice or are they simply promoting their own bait or
6) Rob Maylin at Big Carp: Mouth damage, how do you avoid it?
I’d just like to start by reiterating
Rob’s congratulations to Lee and
Chilly for winning the World Carp
Angling Championships. It sounds
like quite an ordeal, and I’m not sure
if I would have what it takes to go
through that even at my age, never
mind if I were 20 years older! Credit to
you gents; you certainly have my
admiration! Whilst we are on the subject of carp matches, they seem to
divide the opinions of the carp
angling world. Some anglers would
rather have a pound of flesh removed
rather than participate in a match,
whilst others thrive on it. I thought I
would hate it because my angling is
generally about getting away from
the rat race and relaxing in peaceful
surroundings without too many other
people around, but I really enjoyed the
i n a u g u r a l We l s h M a s t e r s t h a t I
entered a few years ago, as well as
the BCAC that I have entered a couple of times.
They triggered a competitive element within me that is normally lacking in my fishing. That is not to say
that I’m not competitive at all in my
normal fishing, because I am, and I
use that to drive myself and get the
results from a water that I want. But
what I mean is that I am rarely com-
Carp matches – love them or hate them.
petitive with fellow anglers. In my
normal fishing I set myself targets at
the start of the year such as a fish per
night, a certain fish, ten thirties or
three out of the big six etc. I find that
competing against other anglers normally leads to jealousy and backstabbing so I try and avoid it at all costs
(well unless it’s a close mate, then a
bit of friendly rivalry can create a bit
of banter and a jovial atmosphere). I
have seen anglers who get so jealous
that they can’t bring themselves to
congratulate others on worthy captures or even new PBs, and that is a
place I would hate to get to. But
match fishing allows you to compete
hard with other anglers and bring
another aspect to your own fishing. I
also find that the waters I fish in the
matches are so far removed from my
usual angling, and I learn quite a lot
about different tactics from other
competitors. I’d be interested to hear
the other BCRL contributors’ opinions
on this. I would like to enter a few
more competitions just to add
a n o t h e r a s p e c t t o m y a n g l i n g,
although time is a big issue for me at
the minute so it might have to wait a


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