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Rotary Letter
immune systems are so low due to
bacteria in their systems. With the
large amount of anglers out there now
with little or no knowledge of bait, we
are at risk of causing no end of problems for our waters. Bait companies
have the responsibility to make people aware what they are putting out
at all times of year because unless
something is done and people are
educated then over the next few
years we are going to continue to lose
our beloved carp and it is us, the
anglers, that will largely be to blame.
The second question was from Ian
on fish following the wind on a deep
water but not on a shallow water. I
noticed that both Ed and Rob commented on how they thought it was
to do with undertow, but I don’t
totally agree with this, as I personally
think that undertow is more to do
with the moon and not just wind. I
have noticed that throughout the
moon’s cycle, on some nights there is
a strong undertow and yet there is
next to no wind. Yet on other nights
when there is a strong wind there is
next to no undertow. I have often
found undertow to be stronger
around the full moon, especially on
deeper waters. In fact I noticed this
just the other week when I was over
at Horton. The few days around the
full moon I found the undertow to be
particularly bad and yet as we came
out of the full moon then the undertow lessened. I would be interested to
hear the other guys’ views on this. I
still think that fish not following the
wind on the shallower lake is more to
do with the amount of weed in the
lake and things like islands and gravel
bars breaking the wind up subsurface.
I have nothing further to add to the
third question regarding the future
big named fish, as I feel the question
has been answered well and that
there will always be big named carp
replacing the ones we once knew but
are sadly gone.
There is just one thing I would like
to add about the question to the “old
school guys”… I had a conversation
the other day at the Sandown show
with a lad, and he was going on about
how gutted he was that the target
fish he was after and had recently
caught wasn’t as big as it had been
before. It was as if the capture meant
nothing to him as it was a little down
in weight. This pissed me right off! It
was his target fish for crying out loud!
He had achieved his target but was
gutted as it wasn’t big enough! If all
you’re bothered about is the weight
then it’s clear that you’re fishing for
all the wrong reasons. You should be
happy no matter what size the fish is,
and this is the problem we’re getting
now what with all the instant carp
anglers coming into the sport. The
day I don’t get that buzz when I net a
carp however small or large is the day
I knock it all on the head.
The last question on the next
British record received some good
answers, but in general everyone
agreed that they don’t know where
the next record will come from if at
all. There were a few mentions of the
Wasing fish hopefully getting up
there, and this would be great as it’s a
“proper one”, but other than that one
fish I can’t see where it will come
from, and to be honest I doubt very
much that it will reach the weight
that Two-Tone did, let alone supersede it. I just hope that because “well
known” anglers suddenly feel it’s ok
to go fishing for fish of “dubious” origin that it’s not going to cloud the
judgement of others and one of these
fish is accepted as a new record.
I actually feel that the importation
of live fish, legal and illegal, should be
clamped down on hard, as no matter
what size the fish are, it’s all too easy
to bring in disease. Do we really need
any more carp being introduced in to
our waters anyway? If we’re not careful and we keep on introducing them
into our rivers and lakes then in a few
years’ time we could be in the same
position as Australia and our beloved
carp could be treated as vermin. I
especially don’t think the country
needs any more imports introduced,
that’s for sure.
Jon’s comments about France are
interesting. I fished out on the lakes
he mentions with him and I have to
say they are such a contrast from over
here. They were quiet and pretty
much untapped whereas if they were
in this country they would be mobbed
out by anglers. I think this is part of
the reason our carp in this country
don’t reach the weights that they do
abroad; it’s largely down to increased
pressure. Saying that though, you
only have to look at Rainbow and how
big they are in there yet that place
gets some serious pressure by
anglers. It’s a tough one to answer
but I feel it’s a combination of climate,
angler pressure and food sources.
Question 1
Ok then, on to the latest set of
questions and first up is the question
of what to do to determine the height
of weed in your swim. I have to be
honest here and say that the height of
weed has never really bothered me.
Because I am predominantly fishing
on the lakebed I’m looking for clear
spots in the weed or other areas away
from weed. I am much more interested in what’s below the weed or at
the edge of a weedbed so I can present a bait. If I wanted to present a bait
on top of the weed then I would cast
If I want to fish over or on top of weed then I use a chod with a light lead attached.


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