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Rotary Letter
Another big common caught on the full moon.
around full moons and new moons for
it not to mean something. I have had
several big commons on full moon
phases and I have witnessed massive
fish shows on and around new moons
and yet seen nothing on the lake
show for virtually the balance of the
month. I was actually discussing this
subject with Jon just the other week
and we both agreed there is a lot to it.
Something we talked about was how
different lakes fish differently at different times in the moon cycle, and one
thing we considered was, is this
down to lake depths? What are your
thoughts on this, guys?
I have also watched how some
lakes I fish don’t fish on a full moon
yet do on a new one. Take the Road
Lake for instance. From what I have
seen this year it’s evident that it
clearly has not fished well on a full
moon, and yet it has produced big fish
on and just around the new one every
month this year. In particular Clover
loves a new moon. I’m not going to go
into great depths on this subject, as I
am really interested in what the rest
of the panel think on it. I have some
other views on moon phases, one of
which is that I honestly think it’s not
only fish it affects. We men are seriously affected at certain times of the
month too!
Question 5
Should we listen to sponsored
anglers’ advice? Why shouldn’t we?
After all, surely we should listen to
any person when they’re giving
advice no matter who it is. You don’t
have to use that advice, but if someone wants to give you some then take
it in and digest it. You never know, it
may come in handy one day. Just
because an angler is sponsored doesn’t mean all the advice they give is
going to be a blatant plug of whatever
tackle and bait they are using, or a
load of old bollocks. It could be genuine good quality advice that you will
be grateful for one day.
I’ll always remember having a conversation with a good friend of mine,
Dave Levy, and something he said to
me will always stick in my mind. He
said, “You can always learn something from someone no matter how
good, experienced or inexperienced
they are. They could tell you something that you would never have
thought of.” Dave couldn’t have been
more right in what he said. Take every
piece of advice that anyone wants to
give you and use what you want from
it. Never think you are better than the
next man, because you’re not.
Question 6
Safe rigs. Now most of us will have
seen the pictures on Facebook of the
carp with what can only be described
as sickening mouth damage caused
by some dodgy rig. Surely that rig
wasn’t cast out by anyone other than
someone fishing to catch a fish to kill
for their dinner. No angler in their
right mind would have cast that out.
There is no excuse for tying dangerous rigs; there are a hundred and one
different books out there with sections on rigs in them as well as
monthly magazines that cover many
different rigs each month. Yet despite
this, we still see death rigs out there. I
remember reeling in a lost rig that
was caught up on my line and on
examining the rig I was shocked to
see leadcore with swivels spliced at
each end and a running lead between
them that could never come off. If a
fish had been caught and lost on that
then it would have been trailing it
until it tethered itself up on a snag
and died! Fact!
This brings me back to the question of instant carp anglers going out
and buying a complete set up and
some bait, and then going to the nearest lake with a chunk in it and they’re
fishing. They have no idea what they
are doing and as a result end up tying
rigs as I described.
Sadly, it doesn’t matter how much
we try to educate these people, things
like this are going to happen. We can
show it step-by-step in a magazine
until we’re blue in the face, but if that
one person doesn’t buy that magazine then he’s not going to learn. We
would like to think our rigs are safe
but how can you ensure everyone
else’s rigs are? You can’t. Every time
you cast a safe rig out you’re taking a
risk – things can go wrong no matter
how safe we think we’re making it.
That’s the way of fishing unfortunately, but we need to do whatever
we can to minimize those risks.
Thanks very much guys for all your
contributions last month. I thought
the diversity of the answers to some
of the questions was quite amazing.
For an example, the question on bait
for winter just goes to show you there
are no hard and fast rules; it’s whatever feels right at the time. The
answers range from using single
hookbaits to piling the bait in basically – completely opposite ends of
the spectrum, but I suppose at the


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